May 24, 1782

1782 May 24 (Friday).  The People flock together to Capt. Jonas Brighams, to finish the Raising of the Barn, which was broke off by the Sad Accident above mentioned. This Addition to the former Barn makes the whole Barn about 105 feet long.  Capt. Brigham rode with me to visit Ensign Snow who is brought very low.  I conversed and prayed with him and took leave of him. Capt. Brigham was so very kind as to wait upon me home: which I can’t but take a grateful Notice of.  Deacon Chamberlain of Worcester calls to See me, and dines with us.  He informs me that Mr. Maccarty has undertaken to ride to Boston, but that aged, venerable Dr. Stephen Williams of Springfield, is dangerously ill.  At night Mr. Brigham returns home and — brings me an handsome Cap, from my son Samuel.