April 1, 1782

1782 April 1 (Monday).  Walked up to Mr. Barnabas Newtons, his Daughter Sarah (of about 16) drooping and languishing. Instructed and encouraged her.  Prayed with and for her.  P.M. Town Meeting to choose a Governor etc.  Chose Hon. Mr. Hancock etc.  Mr. Daniel Grosvenor came a.m. to see me — dined with us and Spent the chief of the p.m. here.  N.B. Mr. Sanford and his Visit tomorrow were the Subject as he was so Soon expected here.  Mr. G. assured me from what he had himself met with from both Mr. S________d and from Mr. Sp________ng, that neither of them (continuing Such) Should with his Consent, enter his Pulpit.  And he knew and was sure, that his Father Hall (who had the minutes of what was Said at Roxbury, and Signed by himself and Mr. West of Dartmouth) would not, if Said Gentlemen remained the same: and those Minutes he would endeavour Soon to Send me.  Received a kind Letter from Mr. Sumner, relating to the Troubles of our Kinsman Mr. Josiah Whitney of Brookline (Connecticut) in the Death of his two principal Sons, by the Small Pox.