September 26, 1781

1781 September 26 (Wednesday).  Ordination at South Bolton.  In the morning we rode to Mr. Benjamin Baileys at Bolton, where the Ministers and Delegates were desired to meet.  All the Pastors and Messengers of the Churches sent to, came.  The Church were present and Mr. Reuben Puffer, the Pastor-Elect, with them.  They request us to proceed.  The Council was formed by choosing Moderator and Scribe.  The last was Mr. Whitney of Northborough.  I prayed with the Council.  Mr. Puffer delivered a Confession of Faith in his own name, which was well accepted.  Near to the South side of the Meeting House a Scaffold and Breastwork was erected, and long seats for the Council.  Mr. Sumner prayed: Mr. Biglow of Sudbury preached a good sermon on Col. 1.7.  I prayed and gave the solemn Charge.  Mr. Harrington gave the Right Hand: Mr. Bridge of East-Sudbury Prayed; and Hymn 100 was Sung, appointed by the Ordained, who finally pronounced the Blessing.  The Musical stayed and Sung Anthems.  Our Supper was at Mr. Benjamin Bailey’s.  There I was informed that my dear and worthy Friend Dr. Stiles,[1] President was one of the Gentlemen who saluted me after the Exercises, while I was [out?] on the Scaffold; and through my Infirmity of Sight and unapprehensiveness, I knew him not, nor could I by my utmost Enquirys, find out where he went or what became of him.  I returned home this Evening.  [Blot] Wood and Mr. Joseph Harrington, but especially my son Cushing, my Company — and here found my dear Daughter Cushing and their Son John.  Deacon Wood was kind in Horse keeping.  All praise and Thanks to God!  May I obtain mercy [blot] all my many Deficiencys and Miscarriages!  Mr. Brigham returned from Dartmouth College.  I am informed by Several that Mr. Daniel Adams is trying to Obtain a Council.  Mr. Sumner tells me he has been with him; but he has refused.

[1]Franklin Bowditch Dexter, ed., The Literary Diary of Ezra Stiles, D.D., LL.D., President of Yale College (3 vols.; New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1901), 2:558.