September 5, 1781

1781 September 5 (Wednesday).  Mr. Benjamin Stone from Southborough came to my Lecture; Mr. Reuben Puffer preached it, on Mat. 13.44, former part.  They both dined here.  N.B. The Congregation Stayed (though I came home) to choose Choristers.  They chose Mr. Elijah Brigham unanimously.  They also were desired to choose two more instead of Messrs. Eli Whitney and Ebenezer Chamberlain, who desired to give up: but they chose no other.  Mr. Jonathan Batherick was here in the Evening and because Mr. Brigham refused, he refused to continue any longer.  Capt. Edmund Brigham was here to talk with me about his making a Confession: his Wife was here also: But there was So much Company till it was late, and they had far to go, that he did not go so far into the Affair as was necessary — yet he manifested unwillingness to have it before the Congregation.  N.B. The young Gentlemen left us, and Mr. Stone returned to Southborough where he preaches; and Mr. Puffer to Sudbury: 15 Miles.  May God graciously reward him!