August 2, 1781

1781 August 2 (Thursday).  Mr. Brigham goes to Boston.  As I was writing to Mr. Quincy, Mr. Joseph Freeland came with urgency to have me visit his Sister, the Widow Hall at Hopkinton.  I had Mr. Nurse’s Horse to go there.  I first went to Mr. Fitch’s and dined there.  I attended the Lecture.  Mr. Kellogg preached on Joh. 15.12, “This is my Commandment, that ye love one another as I have loved you.”  Extremely thin Congregation.  After Meeting I went to Mr. Barretts to See the little and very confused remainder of his Books.  From thence I hastened to Mr. Joseph Freelands and there, Saw Mrs. Hall.  I conversed and prayed with her.  She appears to me to be much under the power of Hysteric Affections.  May God graciously visit and relieve her!

August 4, 1781

1781 August 4 (Saturday).  I have heard Nothing from my Son Elias, nor any thing about my Horse; and therefore think it best to try another Letter which must be committed to the Care of Cousin Maynard for Conveyance.  Mr. Brigham returned, and dined at home.  He has bought a number of Law-books at Vendue, viz. Judge Herberts New Natura Brevium and the Abridgment of the Statu[t]es, from Magna Charta to the [blank] Year of K. George in Six Volumes.

August 8, 1781

1781 August 8 (Wednesday).  Rode over to Mr. Asahel Biglow’s Wife, to See his Letter from the Army to her, of his being wounded at Kingsbridge.  Went to the other Houses near.  N.B. John Biglow who was to have marched to day (as was proposed) is on the Bed, Sick of a Fever — prayed there.  Called at Mr. Daniel Adams and tarried some time there: also at Lt. Levi Warrens.  P.M. wrote to Rev. Israel Evans Chaplain in the Army.

August 13, 1781

1781 August 12 (Sunday).  A.M. Read John 1 to v. 28.  Preached again on Joh. 14.6, latter part.  P.M. omitted Reading.  I felt too weak, and somewhat dizzy, but by divine Help preached on Prov. 28.13 [“He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy”], the first Sermon to page 9, occasioned by so many Fornications among us.  May God grant it may be for Conviction of those who were there!  Am sorry a Number of the Guilty were absent.  N.B. I told the Congregation at noon that there was a Book on the Table for those who tarried at noon, in and about the Meeting House, to improve the time in Reading as they should please.  Mrs. Maynard dined with us.  A Letter to Elias, writ yesterday, has been committed to the Maynard Care, to be delivered to the Northampton Teamers when they return from Boston.  At Eve Mr. Brigham read and prayed.  At night God was pleased to send a plentiful Rain.  To His Name be Glory!

August 14, 1781

1781 August 14 (Tuesday).  Mr. Brigham goes to Boston.  Sent a Letter to Mr. Quincy.  Went over to Mr. Beetons etc.  P.M. I went to see poor John Biglow and prayed with him.  Called to see old Mr. Daniel Hardy, who was lately hurt by a Bull and is lame.  N.B. Capt. Morse stops me, and makes Exception against my sermon on Prov. 28.13 and Complains of Mr. Barnabas Newtons working on the sabbath.  My Son Ebenezer from Brookfield and lodged here.

August 15, 1781

1781 August 15 (Wednesday).  My Son went on his Journey to Cape Ann.  Mr. Whitney is here and desires we may change next Sabbath.  I went up to the Treasurer Newton’s, but he was not at home.  Yet I spoke to his Wife concerning his working last Sabbath in getting in Wheat.  Also of his not bringing me any Money for a great while.  It is now about Fourteen Months that I have laboured and have had no Penny of their Grant for it.  For the Paper Bills are of no Value, and silver is not paid to the Constable.  Both these she must tell him of from me.

August 17, 1781

1781 August 17 (Friday).  Miss Hephzibah Parker finishes her Nursing Sophy; and Miss Mindwell Brigham came in her stead.  At Eve came Mr. Jonathan Batherick and Capt. Fisher came to talk with me about having another Quorister chosen instead of Mr. Elisha Parker.  They mention also Singing without Reading — and 5 times per Day.  Capt. Fisher excepts against my last Sermon: he uses indecent Reflections: which I was obliged to rebuke and restrain.

August 19, 1781

1781 August 19 (Sunday).  I preached at Northborough on Jer. 8.20 “The Harvest is past etc.”  and p.m. on Ps. 73.26.  Flesh and Heart fail — but God etc.  Baptized one of Mr. Gillam Bass’s Children, the Name was Nancy.  We have the sorrowful News from the Camps, of the unhappy and Sudden Death of Charles Hudson, who was upon a scout, being Seen by some of our own Men, and Mistaken for the Enemy, shot at them and killed the foresaid young man.  At Eve I returned.  Mr. Whitneys Text here was a. and p.m. Mat. 6.14.15.

August 20, 1781

1781 August 20 (Monday).  Mr. Ebenezer Grosvenor dined here in his way to Boston and carrys the Letter to Mr. Quincy which Mr. Brigham last week did not deliver.  Town Meeting about paying soldiers hard Money.  At Eve Messrs. Eli Whitney, Ebenezer Chamblerlain junior and Mr. Jonathan Batherick, here desiring me to acquaint the Congregation the sabbath before the next Lecture, that it is requested they would tarry after the Lecture and choose a Chorister instead of Mr. Elisha Parker who has moved away, and two more instead of Mr. Whitney and Chamberlain who would lay down.  In the Night came my son Alexander from home.

August 21, 1781

1781 August 21 (Tuesday).  My son is going to Point Judith for Wool.  I rode to Ministers Meeting at West-Sudbury.  Found there Messrs. Bridge and Newell: also a Number of other Gentlemen who were not of us, viz. Messrs. Brown of Sherborn, Adams of Acton, Ebenezer Hubbard, ______ Piper — and there came Mr. Fitch and Kellogg.  Mr. Brown prayed.  I read Osterwald in the Defects of the Clergy as Causes of Corruption among Christians.  I rode to my son Williams and lodged there.  One Lt. Day there.

August 22, 1781

1781 August 22 (Wednesday).  Lt. Elijah Day of Springfield west, under a bad sore, boards at my Son’s.  Offers to wait on me to the Town.  We visit Dr. Minot and Mr. Ripley.  I went also to see good old Mrs. Minott, and at her Request prayed there.  We returned and dined at my Son’s.  P.M. rode home, calling at Col. Weeks and at Col. Cyprian How’s, where I drank Tea with Mrs. Blackden, Mrs. Speakman, etc.  Arrived here before Day Light ceased.  To God be praise!

August 26, 1781

1781 August 26 (Sunday).  I felt feeble and faint, but went to Meeting and through the Exercises.  To God be praise.  I omitted Reading a.m.  Preached on Prov. 28.13.  P.M. Read 2 Cor. 11, former part, and preached on v. 3, to page 8.  May it please God to grant success!  At Eve Mr. Brigham read another Sermon of Mr. Flavells Fountain of Life.  And he prayed.  Alexander, Breck, Suse and Miss Anna instead of Miss Mindwell Brigham (who was with Sophy last week) being with us, we Sang: And I was carryed through comfortably.  D.G.

August 28, 1781

1781 August 28 (Tuesday).  I visited Mr. Daniel Warren, who lately fell from a Load of Hay, and thereby his Collar-Bone was broke.  N.B. had some Conversation with Mr. Timothy Warren.  Visited Mr. Samuel Hardy and Family.  P.M. Was at Squire Bakers, and drank Tea there.  My Business was to speak about the Putting by of the Private Meeting because the Lecture must be the next day.

August 30, 1781

1781 August 30 (Thursday).  Mr. Benjamin Stone preacher at Southborough dined with us.  He endeavours to prepare the way for my going to Southborough to administer the Lords Supper there.  He agrees to go to Mr. Sumners for the next Sabbath, because of my present Infirmitys; especially by a Cloud before my Right, which is my best, Eye, by means of which I am unable to see even Capital Letters; though with Spectacles or with my burning Glass.  My Left Eye, I think is also dimmer than heretofore.  Such is the sovereign Will of God!  which I would humbly beg Grace to submitt and resign to!  Mrs. Wood here at Eve and drinks Tea with us.

August 31, 1781

1781 August 31 (Friday).  Mr. Brigham goes to Concord: carrys to Lieut. Day the Life of Joe Thompson.  May God grant that those who read Such Books may be Cautious least they be ensnared in Vice, but See the Odiousness and unprofitableness, the Shamefulness and Danger of those vile Courses.  Mr. Brigham carrys also a Letter from me to Mr. Bradshaw of Stonington inclosed in a Letter to Rev. Philemon Curtis for Conveyance.