April 18, 1781

1781 April 18 (Wednesday).  Mr. Bridge and his Lady made me a present of their late Father Smiths Wig, as they did to Mr. Stone several Articles.  I took leave and carryed Suse to her Fathers: where we dined, and p.m. rode home, calling at Col. Weeks’ for Mr. Stones Company who rode with me back to Arnolds where we parted.  At my arrival here, were for the unexpectedness, a marvellous Number — Viz. My Grand Children Isaac and Betsey Baldwin (who to my Sorrow inform me that Sister Champney was gone back to Mr. Hicks’s at Sutton).  Elias was come this day from Springfield: Mr. Joseph Allen, a preacher, came to lodge here.  So that the Company and the Horses to night crowd us, at this time of Scarcity of Hay especially.  Cousin Bradshaw went back to his Fathers yesterday.