April 12, 1781

1781 April 12 (Thursday).  Mr. Brigham to Boston.  Write by him to Mr. Quincy, and sent Dennis on the Advancement and Reflection of [Modern?] Poetry for Mr. Thomas Adams of Medfield, whose it is now become.  A Youngster, whose name is John Moulton has come to work here; procured by Mr. Brigham, goes to plowing in the West part of the Mid field.  Mr. Fairbank of Shrewsbury dines here.  Mr. Solomon Miller received his Pay for dressing Flax for me, viz. 87 3/4 at 18d per pound.  I gave him two Bushels of Rye at 4/8d old Way (as its called) and a Note to the Treasurer Newton for £2.8.3 with which he was satisfyed for the whole Debt.  I went up to Capt. Fishers to See his Sick Child and found it recovering.  I endeavoured to improve the Opportunity to excite them to their Duty; and that the Goodness of God might lead them to Repentance.  He desired me to pray and give Thanks for the divine Mercy.  Which I complyed with.  Mr. Belknap was there, and I injoined him to go and See Mr. Dan. Adams; and he said he would.  I went in to Deacon Woods, to see little Patty who is very sick.  She asked me to pray with her, and I did So.  At Eve Master Fish, who has begun again to keep school; and Mr. Hazzleton are here with Elias.