April 3, 1781

1781 April 3 (Tuesday).  Still stormy a.m.  The riding difficult — Was anxious about going to the Meeting at Mr. Grouts — But he came to me.  We concluded to defer it to another Week.  P.M. the weather was more moderate.  While I was desirous to try to get to Mr. Hardy’s — but while I was thinking what to do, News arrived that he was dead.  I did not hesitate, but immediately went to the House of mourning — conversed with the Widow and the Friends there; and prayed with them.  Mr. Hardy expired about 8 or 9 this morning, of a Pleurisy: was 45 this last March 1, but was not apprehensive Death was nigh.  This Eve received a Letter from my old Friend and Correspondent Mr. QuincyElias is with us, expecting to hear from Northampton about their School.