April 1, 1781

1781 April 1 (Sunday).  A.M. I Read Ps. [blank] and in preaching went on further in my preparation upon 2 Cor. 10.4 to 11.  Mr. William Woodbridge from Newburyport, and Mrs. Maynard and her Daughter Davis, dined with us.  P.M. read Ps. 39 and repeated (on occasion of Mr. Smiths Death) some parts of Sermon on [blank].  I gave public Notice of the Family Meeting at Mr. Joseph Grouts next Tuesday.  At Eve Mr. Woodbridge but he lodges at Squire Bakers.

April 3, 1781

1781 April 3 (Tuesday).  Still stormy a.m.  The riding difficult — Was anxious about going to the Meeting at Mr. Grouts — But he came to me.  We concluded to defer it to another Week.  P.M. the weather was more moderate.  While I was desirous to try to get to Mr. Hardy’s — but while I was thinking what to do, News arrived that he was dead.  I did not hesitate, but immediately went to the House of mourning — conversed with the Widow and the Friends there; and prayed with them.  Mr. Hardy expired about 8 or 9 this morning, of a Pleurisy: was 45 this last March 1, but was not apprehensive Death was nigh.  This Eve received a Letter from my old Friend and Correspondent Mr. QuincyElias is with us, expecting to hear from Northampton about their School.

April 5, 1781

1781 April 5  (Thursday).  I rode to Mr. Amasa Maynards.  Visit the old people.  Dined at Amasa’s — his Wife not well.  N.B. Winslow Maynard narrowly escaped, when his Flask took Fire and burnt his Wrist and Cloths.  Attended the Funeral of Mr. Noah Hardy, and prayed.  After the Funeral went to Mr. Paul Bigolo’s to see and prayed with his Child, Hannah, about 4 years old who is very Sick, of Fever, Worms etc.  At home our Sister Brigham here and lodges among us.

April 10, 1781

1781 April 10 (Tuesday).  Josihah Grout here a.m. to see whether I go to their House to day.  P.M. having dined at home I went to the private Meeting at Mr. Grouts and preached on Hos. 6.1.  After meeting called at Capt. Jonathan Fays where was Jonathan from [Boston?].  N.B. I hoped to have seen Nahum who has a grievous sore on his Knee and Thigh but he is at Dr. Wights.

April 12, 1781

1781 April 12 (Thursday).  Mr. Brigham to Boston.  Write by him to Mr. Quincy, and sent Dennis on the Advancement and Reflection of [Modern?] Poetry for Mr. Thomas Adams of Medfield, whose it is now become.  A Youngster, whose name is John Moulton has come to work here; procured by Mr. Brigham, goes to plowing in the West part of the Mid field.  Mr. Fairbank of Shrewsbury dines here.  Mr. Solomon Miller received his Pay for dressing Flax for me, viz. 87 3/4 at 18d per pound.  I gave him two Bushels of Rye at 4/8d old Way (as its called) and a Note to the Treasurer Newton for £2.8.3 with which he was satisfyed for the whole Debt.  I went up to Capt. Fishers to See his Sick Child and found it recovering.  I endeavoured to improve the Opportunity to excite them to their Duty; and that the Goodness of God might lead them to Repentance.  He desired me to pray and give Thanks for the divine Mercy.  Which I complyed with.  Mr. Belknap was there, and I injoined him to go and See Mr. Dan. Adams; and he said he would.  I went in to Deacon Woods, to see little Patty who is very sick.  She asked me to pray with her, and I did So.  At Eve Master Fish, who has begun again to keep school; and Mr. Hazzleton are here with Elias.

April 13, 1781

1781 April 13 (Friday).  It has been a Night of Distress with dear Suse — but God all-sufficient was almightily present, and a Child was born 15 minutes after One o’clock.  To His glorious Name be all Glory and Praise!  This Morning we all rejoiced.  They needed to rally only the two Mothers and the two nearest Neighbours, Mrs. Lamson and Mrs. Harrington.  Dr. Ball was the Instrument in the Hand of God: and Successfull, through His Concurrence.  This Day is called Good Friday, because it was the Birth Day of Christ.  Towards Eve Elias waited on our Sister Brigham home, and She has got little Hannah Breck with her.

April 14, 1781

1781 April 14 (Saturday).  Elias rides over to Monro’s to See if there is no Letter from North Hampton, about their School.  I walked to the Deacons to see Patty, and prayed with her.  N.B. Was at Mr. Jos. Smiths and had Discourse with his Wife, though I could not with him.  When I got home, found here Mr. E. Grosvenor and Mr. Jos. How of Marlborough, also Friend Henry Bowers and Seth Arnold, two Quakers.  And all dined here.  I prepared to preach the Same Sermon with Some Alterations and Additions which I preached before the Baptism of Breck himself, January 29, 1749.  Mr. Brigham from Boston.  Jno. Moulton Stays here.

April 16, 1781

1781 April 16 (Monday).  Elias Sat out with my Horse besides what he rode upon, to go to Springfield — to day to BrookfieldJohn Moulton returned to Hopkinton.  Mrs. Maynard dines here.  Miss Nabby Martyn works here.  P.M. Mrs. Davis, Misses Mindwell and Anna Brigham.  My Kinsman Mr. Parkman Bradshaw came up from his Fathers to See me.  He is much out of Health and out of Business: a good deal Sunk and dispirited: and I was the more troubled because I was not able to help him; my own son Elias being gone a large Journey in quest of Employment.

April 17, 1781

1781 April 17 (Tuesday).  I rode down to East-Sudbury to Ministers Meeting at Mr. Bridge’s (Mr. Stone waiting for me at Mr. Joseph Arnolds, at Marlborough, and my Granddaughter, Suse was with me).  Mr. Whitney, Mr. Biglow, and Mr. Newell, were there.  Mr. Puffer, a Preacher at Bolton, was there likewise.  Mr. Stone prayed.  There was no Concio by reason of Mr. Newels request that the Association would hear a Case of Difficulty in Stow relative to a Charles Whitney.  It was heard and Mr. Newell was advised — Mr. P. Whitney prayed, and we appointed the next Meeting to be at his House.  I had expected my son William or his son to have come for Suse, and have carryed her to Concord, but neither of them came, so that we both of us tarryed at Mr. Bridges through the Night — I lodged with Mr. Stone.

April 18, 1781

1781 April 18 (Wednesday).  Mr. Bridge and his Lady made me a present of their late Father Smiths Wig, as they did to Mr. Stone several Articles.  I took leave and carryed Suse to her Fathers: where we dined, and p.m. rode home, calling at Col. Weeks’ for Mr. Stones Company who rode with me back to Arnolds where we parted.  At my arrival here, were for the unexpectedness, a marvellous Number — Viz. My Grand Children Isaac and Betsey Baldwin (who to my Sorrow inform me that Sister Champney was gone back to Mr. Hicks’s at Sutton).  Elias was come this day from Springfield: Mr. Joseph Allen, a preacher, came to lodge here.  So that the Company and the Horses to night crowd us, at this time of Scarcity of Hay especially.  Cousin Bradshaw went back to his Fathers yesterday.

April 21, 1781

1781 April 21 (Saturday).  I rode over to Bolton.  In my Way Stopped at Mr. Whitneys, where I dined.  P.M. Mr. Benjamin Baileys is the Place for my Reception.  Accompanyed by his son in law, Mr. Jonathan Moore, I made a Visit to Judge Bakers to condole the sorrowful Loss he sustains in the Death of his Wife, (who was heretofore Susanna Tainter).  He took my Sympathy in friendly part.  Mr. Baily came to pilot me back to his House, where I lodged.

April 22, 1781

1781 April 22 (Sunday).  I preached at Bolton a. and p.m. on 2 Cor. 10.4 and may God grant an efficacious Blessing!  I rode back at Eve to Mr. Whitneys, where were Messrs. Newell and McDonald.  N.B. Mr. Newell preached for Mr. Whitney and Mr. Whitney for me (the latter on 2 Cor. 6.2, “behold now is the accepted time,” etc.).  I lodged there.  He read Proclamation for Fast.

April 23, 1781

1781 April 23 (Monday).  I rode to Mr. Abraham Woods for a piece of Cloth, which was to be pressed only: for which I gave him 9 Continental Dollars.  Called at Mr. Davis’s new Dwelling in Northborough.  When I arrived at home, I found that Mr. Brigham had Set John Moulton to plow the rest of the great Field beyond the Meeting House, has Neighbour Nathan Maynard and his Oxen to help; and thinks to go on with plowing the Ground beyond the Meeting House, up to the Burying place.  I read Shuckfords Connection of Sacred and profane History.  We are in much perplexity about our Sheep — are forced to keep them up in a Pen, and give them Hay.

April 25, 1781

1781 April 25 (Wednesday).  I visited at Ensign Warrins — Mr. Stephen Cooks, where I dined — was at Mr. Phinehas Forbes’s — and at Mr. Elisha Forbes’s: where was Capt. Fisher who was full of Controversie between Capt. John Wood and Mr. James Dix, which has been offered to the Grand Jury.  My Son Alexander from Marlborough of New Hampshire — and reads Result of Council against their late Minister Mr. Joseph Cummings, who is dismissed.

April 27, 1781

1781 April 27 (Friday).  Alexander leaves us.  News that Col. Williams of Marlborough is very ill.  Mrs. P. goes p.m. to See him, and Mr. Brigham waits on her.  Mr. B. Tainter was here.  Capt. Wood from Boston and brings a Letter from Mr. QuincyBenjamin Wood goes up to his Father — and I gave him a Note to Mr. Barn. Newtons for an hundred Dollars.

April 28, 1781

1781 April 28 (Saturday).  Mrs. P_____ returns from Marlborough and Mr. Brigham with her, Safely.  D. G.  She informs me that Col. Williams is indeed very feeble and weak, yet is able to walk about, even abroad, and retains his mental powers.  Mr. Gershom Biglow of Marlborough here upon Expectation of Some papers, relative to Mr. Ebenezer Grosvenors Dismission.  Benjamin Wood returns here to be with us on the Sabbath.

April 29, 1781

1781 April 29 (Sunday).  I read Isa. 35 with reference to what I was going to preach which was again upon Joh. 12.35 which may God graciously own and bless!  Mrs. Maynard dined with us.  P.M. read Joh. 14 and preached on v. 6, former part.  O that we might walk in that Way!  At Eve Mr. Brigham read in Flavel on divine Providence.