August 20, 1780

1780 August 20 (Sunday).  Read a.m. the Latter part of Joh. 4, and repeated the latter part of Discourse on v. 16.  At noon, Breck and his Family, Mr. Brigham and his Sister Anna, Mrs. Maynard, Isaac and Luke Baldwin (who came from Shrewsbury this morn) dined with us.  P.M. did not read before it but preached on Isa. 55.10-11, p. 191 to the bottom of p. 202.  N.B. baptized Six Children of Mr. Sam’l Thurston.  At eve read in my Family part of Mr. Flavell’s sixth Sermon on Rev. 3.20.  Rec’d a Letter from Mr. Forbes of Gloucester.  Mrs. P. is so indisposed that she has been but little at Meeting for a great while: could not go today: is sick, faint, and weak.  The Child also has been not well, for some days.