August 3, 1780

1780 August 3 (Thursday).  In returning called to see Mr. Joseph Knowlton’s Wife, who relapses somewhat to her old state; visit Mr. Gershom Brigham’s Wife, who languishes.  I went in to Mr. Samuel Fay’s, his wife having been lately much indisposed — but he treated me with roughness.  At Deacon Wood’s I saw one Mrs. Abigail Giles, Daughter of Mr. William Jenison, that was of Salem, and widow of Mr. Samuel Giles, greatly reduced and lame.  P.M. Mrs. Hawes, Squire’s Daughter, Polly Wood at Tea.  N.B. In Biog’r. Dic. Variety in Human Life — Eginhard’s Wife (Daughter of Charles the Great) carry’d him on her Back from her Apartment through the Snow, that the prents [sic] of his Feet might not be discovered; yet her Father saw them from his Window.  Queen Elizabeth’s Life notable for her Wit and Learning, affected Grandeur and power, Magnificent Dress, Entertainment, Amours — but secret reason is given by Mezeray when she would not Marry.  Equatius (John-Baptist).  This great Man had almost a divine Memory: whatever he had read or heard, he could relate by Heart, and in a very agreeable manner.  He was born at Venice 1473.