July 21, 1780

1780 July 21 (Friday).  Was forced to go out and look up Workmen.  Capt. Fisher is gone to mowe for me at Middle Meadow (or my Interval).  Mr. Biglow again reaps, and Elias part of the forenoon.  P.M. goes to the Interval, to look after the Hay there.  When he returns he goes up to the Flock of Sheep.  N.B. A Fire prevailed a while in the Hill Nigh Wood’s Field, but did not much Dammage, though a dry Time and somewhat Windy.  Mrs. Hannah (wife of Mr. Thomas) Andrews here and passes Examination freely, as to knowledge and hopeful Experience.  D.G. Paul Biglow comes with Joshua Twitchell and Fortunatus Miller.  The two latter being Deserters: to see Gen’l Washington’s Proclamation of Pardon to such: And P. Biglow would for a large Reward, go in Miller’s stead.