July 19, 1780

1780 July 19 (Wednesday).  Many Interruptions and Avocations from my Studys, so that I can but imperfectly prepare for the Solemnity approaching, but would humbly commit myself, my Way, my Work to God.  Elias has been so out of health, that he has not been able for Several days to work.  But today he went a while to the Interval and there being part of a Load of Hay in Cock there, he mowes 3 or 4 Cocks, and with my Team he brought it home: and p.m. he went to the Island, where Mr. Biglow is reaping, and (Mr. Biglow pitching it) Elias brought home a Load of Rye of 12 Shock and 1 Sheaf.  N.B. Miss Lois Burnet at work here and part of p.m. her Kinswoman Henrietta with her.  Miss Patty Fisk here and dines with us.  We are under the Holy Frowns of Heaven, by parching Heat and Dryness.  May the God of infinite Pity and Mercy send Relief to us!