April 27, 1780

1780 April 27 (Thursday).  In the Morning, I rode over to see the Ruins, and sympathize with those who are bereaved.  I found the sad Cause to be, Mrs. Whitney made a Fire in her Oven, that morning, sat in her Food to be baked for Supper; but the Fire, while the People were at Meeting in the forenoon, kindled in the Kitchen Chamber, and was discovered by Mr. Samuel Allen in the time of the last prayer.  Many goods in the lower rooms, the Church plate etc. were saved, but the Library and Papers, which were of great worth: 4 feather Beds, all their Cloths and Linnen, except what they had on, Corn, Cyder, Sauce, etc. etc. burnt.  Mr. Sumner came also and carryed various Things.  I went in to see Mr. Jonas Badcock, whose Hair, Face and Hands were much Scorched, Swelled and blistered by the Flames.  I dined at Mrs. Briggs’s where Mr. Whitney and his Family had repaired to.  Mr. Sumner and Mr. Allen, preacher at Bolton, dined there also.  The people meet this afternoon to see what they can do toward assisting.  N.B. A great deal has been brought in already.  I rode to Mr. Seth Rice’s for Flax seed.  I there informed Mrs. Adams of the Church’s Appointment yesterday relative to her.  I was at Capt. Maynard’s — visit old Mrs. Kelly, drank Tea there.  When I came home am informed of the Conduct and Language of Hopkins.