April 18, 1780

1780 April 18 (Tuesday).  Rode to Minister’s Meeting at Stow.  Met Mr. Stone at Mrs. Speakman’s.  Borrowed of her Pope’s Essay on Man, with Warburton’s Notes.  We called at Mr. Jonathan Loring’s, and delivered him Beard’s Theatre of God’s Judgments which I had borrowed of him.  At Mr. Newell’s were Messrs. Stone, Smith, Bridge, Whitney and Biglow, and occasionally Messrs. Adams of Acton, Stearns and Allen, preachers.  Mr. Mellen of Chauxit.  Some debate about a Concio, whether if there be not a Concio prepared on purpose, we mayn’t have a Sermon for our Christian Edification.  Mr. Bridge opposes it.  I asked advice about the case of Mr. Daniel Adams and his wife.  Answer was to prevent its being heard in the Church till it is heard in the Civil Law, if the Woman’s Complaint must be supported by her Oath.  Mr. Allen prayed at the Conclusion of our Meeting.  Next Meeting by divine leave to be at my House.  Old Mrs. Gardner (at whose House we were) was not able to sit at Table when we dined.  Mr. Stone and I rode together to Marlborough.  I visited our Kinsman, Lt. Uriah Brigham, where I lodged.