April 10, 1780

1780 April 10 (Monday).  Deacon Wood came to acquaint me that there was at his House an Indian in Gentleman’s Habit, who was a Scholar and Preacher from Dartmouth Coll.  I sent for him — he came — his name was Daniel Simon.  The Brigham Scholars were well acquainted with him.  His Credentials were (besides his Diploma and his name in the Catalogue) his recommendation by the President, Trustees and Tutors, License for preaching by Rev. Grafton — Presbytery — a Letter from president Wheelock to Rev. Mr. John Sargent of Stockbridge, and a Certificat from the Selectmen of Stockbridge.  I also examined him myself.  The Deacon urged he might preach in the afternoon and he would take care to notifie the people.  Mr. Simon was not forward, but would not deny.  I could not refuse.  He dined here.  At 3 p.m. a Congregation was gathered.  He preached on 1 Pet. 2.7 “To them who believe, he is precious.”  It was a serious and Methodical Discourse, and delivered decently.  I hope it was useful and profitable.  A number of Scholars, who were acquainted with Mr. Simons, came in at eve to see him and he lodged here.  N.B. The people made a Collection and presented him the Sum of one hundred and twenty-four Dollars.  One Ebenezer Crosby came here to let himself and lodged here.  N.B. Dr. Hall going to Boston calls here.