December 27, 1779

1779 December 27 (Monday).  Breakfast at Sister Cushing’s.  Visit Mr. Farrar’s Wife who is sick, dined at Mr. John Maynard’s, called at Mr. Gershom Brigham’s and begin to take Thomas’s Spy of him — went in to Mr. Samuel Fay’s, but neither he nor his Wife at home — arrived safe at home.  D.G.  Mr. Goddard preached for me yesterday.  His text a. and p.m. 1 Cor. 23.24.  Dr. Hawes brought me my Watch from Mr. Cranch — the new Chrystal cost 12 Dollars.  This evening came William Winchester to live here.


Mr. Nehemiah Maynard came with him.  N.B. His father Mr. Nathan Maynard sat by and heard.  I told Mr. Maynard that I would do what I could conveniently and reasonably in teaching and influencing him in Reading, Writing and Cypering, according as his Business in taking Care of the Cattle, Cutting the Wood etc. would give opportunity and as his Capacity should admit it.  This was in answer to what Mr. Maynard delivered me as Mrs. Winchester’s Errand to me by him.