December 9, 1779

1779 December 9 (Thursday).  General Thanksgiving through out the States. I did not go to Capt. Brigham’s, as I was at first desired.  Mr. Edward had come yesterday and told me that his Father would conform to the proposal to bring the Corps to the Meeting-House.  They did so, and I prayed there.  After this they proceeded to the Interment and I went to the Grave with them.


We re-entered the Meeting-House and having prayed already began with singing.  Preached on Ps. 68.26-28.  I took to my House a Stranger, one Mr. Joseph Thompson, by Birth, a Philadelphian.  At eve we had singing at my House, a number of young Gentlemen came, besides Mr. Elijah Brigham, and Joseph Brigham, Mr. Moses and Mr. Saml Brigham, Mr. May (the two last lodged among us) and Master Hazzletine.  This evening also Eleazer Wheelock and Thankful Maynard (Captain’s Daughter) were married — such a Variety of Exercises had I in one Day!  May God forgive what was amiss, and accept what was (through Grace) sincere!