December 23, 1779

1779 December 23 (Thursday).  Young Chandler returns and solicits my sled to go to Pomfret.  I yielded to his Importunity and for Mr. Lamson’s putting two Guards in front, and for his Journey to Framingham he pays me 10 Dollars and for the Sled 50 Dollars.  P.M. came Mr. Nathan Goddard to desire me to change with him, who is to be in Mr. Sumner’s stead, while he is to go to Hubbard’s Town to preach for Mr. Parker.  Mr. Peter Whitney here and relates the Proceedings of his Parish in granting him 3000£.  At Eve, Mr. Reuben Puffer and his Brother with a Letter from Fisk concerning the said Puffer’s Examination.  I referred him to the three Ministers which are near to him: viz. Messrs. Bridge, Biglow, and Newell.