July 13, 1779

1779 July 13 (Tuesday).  Mr. Adams has brought home to me at length Sir William Temple.  He has led me also into an Exchange of a number of Books, viz. For Voetius 3 vols. I have Dr. Stanhope’s Thomas a Kempis, Dr. Calamy, of Vows: Horneck’s crucified Jesus, and Dr. Goodman’s Old Religion.  For Monsr. Boileau’s 2d vol. and Mat Prior’s Works 2 vols. I have Dr. Hammond’s Annotations in large Folio.  For the Lay Monastery, I have Herman Prudence, and Three Select Pieces of Mr. Thos. Shepherd.  For Comin’s Real Christian, unbound, I gave him at his proposal a Pound of Sugar.  He presented me a Pamphlet, Dr. Gibson on the Sinfulness of Neglecting and profaning the Lord’s Day.  N.B. I returned him his Drexilius on Eternity.  He showed me a Manuscript of his Daughter’s forming in 4to Alphabetical, and contains an account of all manner of Errors, Sects, etc. in every age of Christianity.  He sold Breck a number of unbound Books, Firmin, Shaw, Shepherd, Doelittle etc.  After dinner he left us to go to Sherburn.