August 1, 1779

1779 August 1 (Sunday).  A.M. on Ps. 36.7.  Administered the Lord’s Supper, which may God graciously accept.  Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. preached on Ps. 4.7 to p. 9.  O that this might be the Frame of my own Soul!  N.B. Did not read publickly.  At eve, read Mr. Dolittle’s XIII Chapter on duty after receiving the Sacrament.

August 2, 1779

1779 August 2 (Monday).  Breck has found [bound?] sundry books for me, viz. Dr. Scott’s Sermon Vol. II.  Which is on the Love of God: Firmin’s Real Christian and Shepherd’s Three Select Pieces, and mended several others.  Mr. Joseph Harrington has brought a Loin of Veal, which I would take a grateful notice of.  Rumours of a British Fleet.  The Town meet on a number of important Articles relative to the affairs of the State; particularly to choose several Delegates for the Conventions.  We are to meet for Preparing a plan of Government in this State, and another respecting the Depreciation of money, etc.  Mr. Nathan Maynard junior goes to Boston for Breck and carries in his Team Mr. Eli Forbes’ Trunk.  Old Mr. David Maynard here and carrys to Mr. Peter Whitney’s, Henry on Psalms etc.

August 3, 1779

1779 August 3 (Tuesday).  I preach at the private Meeting at Deacon Bond’s on Lam. 1.9 and finished the Subject.  Mr. P. Whitney communicates some Letters.  Elias went to Mr. Simon Willard of Grafton, and brought from him my Watch mended and cleaned, and Transactions of Mr. Goss and the Brethren of the South Church in Bolton.  He has lately preached at the Dedication of the new Meeting House there, on that Text 2 Chron. 6.41.

August 5, 1779

1779 August 5 (Thursday).  Elias goes to Worcester for Mr. Isaac Parker to bring the Newspapers.  Capt. Fisher here.  He listens to Geographical Description.  Read the admirable Character of Dr. Sol. Williams by Mr. Cogswell.  Mrs. Eliz.  Pratt of Worcester came in to see me.  Elias returning home, brings me word from Mrs. Parker of Shrewsbury (where he dined), that my Sister Cushing is sick.

August 6, 1779

1779 August 6 (Friday).  I left my Study to visit Sister Cushing.  Mr. Moses Nurse has bought my son Breck’s fine mare so that (tho’ it was more tedious to me) I rode his grey Horse, to Shrewsbury, dined at Mr. Sumner’s.  Visit old Madam Cushing, who is sick of a Fever, etc., but is somewhat better today.  At her Request, I prayed with her.  I rode to Mr. Amos Parker’s.  In returning I stopt at Mr. Isaac Davis about soal leather.

August 8, 1779

1779 August 8 (Sunday).  It is still wet Weather.  I preached a. and p.m. the rest of the Discourse on Ps. 4.7, which may we all be duely effected with!  Mr. Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton and his Wife came over to our Meeting (Mr. Fitch and his lady being gone to Connecticut), dined etc. here.  At eve, I read in the Family some Chap. of Thomas a Kempis.  N.B. The Widow Sarah Smith is in Glooms again.

August 9, 1779

1779 August 9 (Monday).  I visit old Mrs. Smith, but she is exceedingly changed: and is not willing to talk with me.  Mr. Child also is very much exercised with Pains.  I prayed with them and greatly pityed them.  Went to Mr. Daniel Nurse’s and his Sisters — to Mr. Thos. Whitney’s and dined there.  He tells me he will have another talk with Mr. Benj. Fay in order to make up their Difference.  Was informed by him also that Mr. Samuel Fay would have me to go to his House.  I went in to Timothy Whitney’s, visited at Mr. Joseph Hardy’s, went to see Mr. Eli Whitney and his new Wife[1] — called at Mr. Phin. Hardy’s — went to Mr. Elisha Forbes, Mr. Tainter and his son Benj’s Family.  I made a Business of Seeing and discoursing with the Stranger Polly Brown — drank Tea at Forbes’s.

[1]Widower Eli Whitney mar. Judith Hazeltine of Sutton, July 15, 1779, in S.  Westborough Vital Records, 220.

August 12, 1779

1779 August 12 (Thursday).  Still Cloudy and rainy — broken Time for Workmen.  Sunshine p.m.  They go to the Hay at the Swamp between 4 and 5.  N.B. Mr. Nathan Kenney’s little Lucy (about 4 years old) was scalded by squatting into a Tray of Hot Water.  Dr. Hall of Sutton calls here in Return from Boston.  Major Peter Harwood of Brookfield came to see my Daughter Baldwin.  He leaves us to go to his Grandfather’s, Capt. Hubbard of Worcester the Eve.

August 13, 1779

1779 August 13 (Friday).  Parker went to my little Flock in Squire Baker’s pasture, got a Lamb, killed it — did not weigh it — it was very small.  Breck returned from Boston: but was much overcome by the Rain and Fatiegue of his Journey — young Henry Pigeon here and dined with us.  P.M. Rev. Fitch, his wife and sucking son Elijah — they dined here.  Lent Mr. Fitch, Stillingfleet’s Origines Sacrae.  Mrs. Hawes and her Cousin, Miss Jerusha King, at Tea here.

August 16, 1779

1779 August 16  (Monday).  Elias shews me his Quarter Bills which are not paid, viz.:

to Feb. 26. 1779 which is                                                                    £17. 3. 4

The 4th Quarter Bill from Feb. 26 to May 28, 1779 is                        £48. 5. 0

_______  which

deduct.  64. 8. 4  buttery

Besides these Mr. Phillips Paylous Buttery                                                         bill added

Sizing from Nov. 27. 1778 to July 14. 1779 £38.18.0 not paid.                   is £103. 6. 4


N.B. This gave me some Difficulty that these several Bills were unpaid, seeing I gave Elias an Hundred Dollars on March 17, and with a View to his discharging that Bill which was due on Feb. 26 last.  Besides which he had more of me at different Times in the Spring particularly on May 31, 14 Dollars, delivered by Breck; more by Breck again about the same time £22.4.0 (that is 74 Dollars, which with the 14 Dollars on May 31, as aforesaid, made 88 Dollars).  N.B. The Town met p.m. to see whether they would concur with what the Convention of Worcester have resolved upon as to the Prices of Things, Labor, Goods etc., and consented thereto.  Chose also a Committee of three to Set a Price on lesser Articles, which the Convention omitted.  They were Dr. Hawes, Mr. Joseph Harrington and Capt. Fisher.  N.B. Drury Fairbanks desires to be marryed, though he has not been 14 days on the Town Clerk’s Book.  Mr. Weare and Isaac Forbush came with him, but I refused.

August 17, 1779

1779 August 17 (Tuesday).  I had an Horse of Deacon Wood to go to Minister’s Meeting at East Sudbury.  Breck being gone to Ashburnham.  I delivered to Elias 100 Dollars for the Steward etc.  In riding the Journey I overtook Mr. Stone, and we remarked the great Loss of Hay on Sudbury Meadows, by the late Rains.  At Mr. Bridge’s were Messrs. Stone, Goss, Whitney, Newell — but Mr. Smith was gone a Journey and was not returned.  The same as at last Meeting, was Moderator.  Mr. Bridge prayed.  After dinner our Subjects were, Mr. Goss’ grievances, and the Dissensions at Marlborough mentioned by Mr. Whitney.  I would fain have recommended to have a Concio, or Collections, or some Questions answered that we may redeem our Time, and render our associating the more profitable.  When we broke up, I rode to my Son William’s and lodged there.

August 18, 1779

1779 August 18 (Wednesday).  Rode from my Son’s to Coll. Week’s, where my Horse as well as myself was refreshed.  The Colonel requested I would visit old Mr. Sam’l Wit, who was very old and weak: and he would go with me.  We went — found him in a good Frame.  He spoke to the following purpose in a raised, Strong and Solemn Manner.  “I had rather have the Glorious God for my Portion, and an interest in the Merits of Jesus Christ, than to be Lord of the Whole World.”  At his Desire I prayed with him.  At taking leave, he expressed himself as much obliged to me, glad I would visit him and asked my Prayers still for him.  I called a little at Mr. Simon How’s, who lent me Mr. Hubbard of Ipswich’s Narrative of the Indian Wars.  Isaac Baldwin came from Brookfield to his Mother’s great Comfort.  Mr. Jacob Foster, late minister of Berwick, came and lodged.

August 24, 1779

1779 August 24 (Tuesday).  Elias (to whom I delivered 30 Dollars more — see on the 17th) left us to return to Cambridge and with him Isaac Baldwin.  Neddy goes with them to bring back the Horses.  Breck has Carpenters at work to raise the Back Roof of his Store.  Mrs. P. is carried to Squire Baker’s.  At eve she returns with a present of Salt Beef and Six neets Tongues from the old Gentlewoman.

August 25, 1779

1779 August 25 (Wednesday).  Mr. Hezekiah Maynard of Marlborough here on account of a Draught of a Covenant to be used in their Assembly previous to Baptism: he having brought one that was deficient.  I altered and copyed it.  Neddy Parkman returned from Cambridge — he brought my Virgil and Tully and some other Books from Elias.  Neddy lodges here.  The sad news from Penobscot is confirmed.

August 27, 1779

1779 August 27 (Friday).  Neddy goes on his Journey to Brookfield.  My son William came with his Chaise for his Mother to go with him, to Concord (his Wife drawing near the Time of Travail).  He, Capt. Goddard of Sutton, Dr. Stinson now of Marlborough and Mr. Caleb Harrington dined with us.  P.M. Mrs. P. to Concord.  The notorious Thomas Cook came in (he says) on purpose to see me.  I gave him what Admonition, Instruction and caution I could.  I beseech God to give it Force!  He leaves me with fair Words — thankful and promising.

August 28, 1779

1779 August 28 (Saturday).  Lt. Townsend here to get a Dismission for himself and Wife.[1]  The Front Wall of the East yard next the Road, built out to the Fence that turns up to the House.  A Barrel of Cyder made at Lieut. Jon. Grout’s.

[1]Nathan and Sarah Townsend were dismissed to Fitzwilliam, “his wife having removd their Dwelling to Fitz William, and desird Dismission to the Church there, their Request was Voted, and that they be recommended to their Acceptance.”  Westborough Church Records, Aug. 29, 1779.

August 29, 1779

1779 August 29 (Sunday).  I went on with the Exercises upon Zech. v. 4, but the Text was Lev. 19.12.  Read Ex. XX a.m.  Read p.m. Acts 17, took v. 30 for my Text.  Delivered both the Sermons (with some omissions and a few Additions) which I preached almost Ten years ago.  Mr. Sumner being gone, sundry Shrewsbury people were at Meeting here.  Elmer Cushing and [blank] Crosby dined here.

August 31, 1779

1779 August 31 (Tuesday).  I took a Walk to Mr. Abraham Bonds’ to visit him and his Wife, under their great Affliction by their son John’s continued Lameness.  I also went to see and talk with Mrs. Barns being under the Guilt of Fornication.  I solemnly called her to Repentance, and I spent some time with Francis’ Wife.  Then went to the Men who were out at plough.  When returned Home, I found here Rev. Mr. David Ripley of Abington in Connectic. who dined with me and went on his Way.