June 16, 1778

1778 June 16 (Tuesday).  I sat out for East Sudbury — went by Mr. Stones, and took him with me, to the Ministers Meeting.  Mr. Smith was not there.  He had gone a Journey.  Mr. Bridge prayed, preached on 2 Cor. 12.15 (The Text the Rev. Prentice preached on when I was ordained).  One of the Cases Proposed to the Association was Mr. Whitneys, viz. what had best be done about Deacon Livermores Wife [illegible] continues to offer herself to the Communion.  Answer Let the Church [pick a?] Committee to determine it.


[After the Meeting?] I rode to Weston, to Visit Mr. William Blair Townsend — [but he Expired?] about 10 o’Clock Aet. 55.  At Mrs. [Townsends and the?] only Sons Request I lodged there.  I [illegible] as he was my generous Friend, but especially as he was [virtuous?] charitable and public-spirited Man.  “Help Lord” etc!