October 1, 1777

1777 October 1 (Wednesday).  In the Morning Mr. Moses Nurse takes the Jarvis Horse at the Tail of his Waggon to deliver him at CambridgeHannah has somewhat more Comfort, yet has more Fever: especially p.m.  Conversed with her, read to her — viz. Dr. I. Mathers sermon on [blank].  Master Samuel Crosby dined with us, as did Dr. Stimpson and Mrs. Cotton, who are returning from Pomfret.  N.B. Elias went to Mr. Belknaps with the Team and brought thence Six Barrells, for which he asks 2 Dollars apiece.  Two he left at Mr. Chamberlains to be filled.  Mr. Forbes and Lady and son came, nigh 9 at night, and lodge.  I read Flavel on Mortification.