June 29, 1777

1777 June 29 (Sunday).  I have not finished indeed what I designed to preach — but on this sabbath I was expected to preach to the young Soldiers which are enlisted for 3 years or Continuance of the War; and therefore I delivered my Discourse on Prov. 4.10 and added a pathetic Address to them.  Mr. Henry Marble and [1?]2 more, were Present in the Assembly and gratefully standing up.  May God by His holy spirit impress all their souls, and of the whole Audience with a due Sense of these weighty Things delivered to them!  My Daughters are rather worse.  Hannah especially has more discouraging symptoms — and Sophy is much affected with it.  May God graciously appear for our Help, or prepare us for His holy will!  It is a Time of great Trouble!