March 20, 1777

1777 March 20 (Thursday).  Mr. Kendal rode with me over to Northborough Lecture.  We dined at Mr. Whitneys.  Mr. Sumner and Mr. [blank] Fairbank (called at North Shrewsbury) were there.  The latter preached on Isa. 28.16 — “Behold I lay in Zion for a foundation, a Stone” etc.  Mr. Whitneys Chimney took Fire and the Roof was kindled, but soon extinguished.  We returned at Eve, though it was difficult by reason of Rain, cold Wind, and mudd[y Roads?].


As I was in the Evening in my Chamber about 9 o’Clock and going [torn] to [torn], I was taken with Faintness, and at the Door [illegible] as a Log.  Mr. Kendal, and soon the rest [torn] [illegible] I had fallen against the Conk-shell and wo[torn] Head, breaking a part of the Shell; also the Candlestick which [torn]nd, was bent etc. etc., but through the Goodness of God I came to [torn] a little space.  Mr. Kendal prayed and I went to Bed and [torn] freshed and Comforted.  Blessed be God for His sparing [torn] May I take Warning — Wait and watch as one that is Ever Ready for the Coming of my Lord!