March 17, 1777

1777 March 17 (Monday).  Rode into the South part of the Town, to visit divers Familys, viz. Capt. Morse, under pain and Confinement by reason of the Fall of a Pole, loaded with Raw Hides, which knocked him down.  Discoursed and prayed with him; and I dined there.  Went to Mr. Phinehas Forbes’s — to Mrs. Bowmans — her Husband in the Service: and to Mr. Isaac Adams’s, whose Wife had a Son born to day, after many years (10 or 11) ceasing to bear.  But (as was my principal Design) visited, comforted and prayed with Mrs. Mindwell Hardy, Widow of the late Mr. Constantine Hardy.  Found her in a good, Sedate, Pious, resigned, though very afflicted, Frame.  Was at Mr. Elisha Forbes’s; and at Mr. Joseph Harringtons, where I supped.  At home found my Daughter Hannah ill: her Face greatly Swelled and pained.  Mr. Kendal lodges here.  Received a Letter from Mr. Quincy of Feb. 27 and 28 in answer to mine concerning the Defection of the Philadelphian Farmer.