February 21, 1775

1775 February 21 (Tuesday).  By reason of Loss of sleep, I have little stomach, and am feeble.  Wrote a letter to Mr. Adams of Roxbury.  Mr. Johnson of Bolton here, and dines with us.  P.M. Town Meeting and Training.  Deacon Wood came in to see me.  I went to the Town Meeting and Spake to them on the Head of their Contributing to the Relief of Boston.  Encouraging and exciting them to it, willing to set an Example my self, but apprizing them that Since I knew of a Number of poor People whom I should desire to communicate to, I might have the Favour to be my self the Distributor of my own Alms.  I earnestly recommended their exerting themselves to obtain Military skill, Arms, Ammunition etc., to improve their Time Well when they have T. Meetings and Trainings — to endeavour after Unity and Harmony (for I perceived there were Jarrs) — Exhorted to put away Sin, to be the true Disciples of Christ and do their utmost to prepare for the Will of God concerning them, Wishing them to have the divine Counsel etc. etc.


Benjamin Clark’s Father came here and lodges.  Master Fisher Ames came from Brookfield.  Informs that the Church which Mr. Forbes ministers to have sent for a Council of 3 Churches, viz. the other two in the Town, and that of Spencer, to meet the next Week or the Week after, to Consider the Affair.