February 1, 2, 1775

1775 February 1, 2 (Wednesday, Thursday).  Am further looking over such Books as I have concerning Consociation of Churches — and Particularly Dr. S. Mathers Apology;[1] and make some Remarks thereon.  At Eve (of the 2d) my Son Samuel has sent The Kings Speech to both Houses of Parliament and their Answers[2] — with the Protests of 9 Lords — which proceedings now seem to Settle the sad Destiny of the Colonys, and especially of unhappy Massachusetts.  May God most gracious and merciful look with tender Pity on us!  O that He would prepare us for the awful Event!  Breck went to Mr. Samuel Fays, and tryed to make up with him.  Had Deacon Wood to assist him in it — but in Vain.

[1]Samuel Mather, An Apology for the Liberties of the Churches in New England (Boston, 1738; Evans 4275).

[2]Possibly Evans 42,841, the speech of Nov. 30, 1774.