June 30, 1774

1774 June 30 (Thursday).  This Day was Set apart for the purposes of Religion, a Day of Humiliation and Fasting, with Supplication on the great Occasion of the Public Troubles and Distresses.  Mr. Stone and his wife came.  I began the Solemnity with Prayer.  Mr. Stone preached a.m. on Deut. 29.24.25.  N.B. At the End of the Sermon he delivered his Mind concerning the Covenant that is going about the Country to be Signed in all places by all persons, on highest Penalty.  May God add His Blessing! The same prayed before Sermon. P.M. which I delivered from 2 Chron. 14.11, not attending to the immediate Occasion of the Words of the Text, as to the Text itself  and the Dutys now incumbent. No other minister came to my Assistance but Mr. Stone, but there was a considerable Number of Friends here at Noon, who came from Marlborough.  Also one Mr. Knight (who learns [Latin?] at Mr. Goddards) came with Elias from Shrewsbury and was refreshed with us.  And O that what we have offered might not be a corrupt Thing!