June 1, 1774

1774 June 1 (Wednesday).  Now begins a New and peculiar AEra:  for this Day the Act of Parliament called the Boston Port Bill, whereby the Harbour of Boston is shut up, takes Effect.  May God be pleased to Sanctifie this His holy Dispensation of Providence to this whole People!  Rev. Mr. Putnam of Pomfret, returning home, calls here.  He acquaints me that whereas he had Occasion to take up £750 old Tenor of Col. Brattle of Cambridge, Some time agoe, he was now enabled to go and pay it, by his generous people’s furnishing him gratis, with the money to do it.  P.M. Miss Molly Taylor, who keeps School among us, and has had our little Sukey to tutor (the Widow Brigham offering to board the Child) made us a Visit.  As did Mr. Aaron Hutchinson junior.