November 26, 1772

1772 November 26 (Thursday).  Master Waters has Mr. Thomas Bonds Horse and Chaise, and goes with Sophy to Fitchbourgh, Mr. Payson brings home his wife to Day, and Mr. Cushing is to take Sophy there to transport her to Ashburnham.  But it is a wet Day and the Roads are very dirty.  P.M. came my dear son Moores Brother Ebenezer and brings a Sorrowful letter of the 24th at Evening and yesterday Morning that our dear Susa grew bad again last Friday with Fever and Cough, and that the Case is now judged nigh desperate: yet that there is great Consolation in the middst of Grief, as “She can view Death without being afraid with any great amazement.  She is sensible of her Danger, and yet talks of her Dissolution with Calmness, and is more and more reconciled to the Thoughts of it every Day.”  Blessed be God for His abundant Grace!  We hear Mrs. Wood (squire John’s Wife) of Colrain, is dead.  Went up to see the Deacon upon his Return, but he was not at home.  He was here at Eve and brought me a Letter from Rev. Mr. McClallan, giving her an Excellent Character.  May the Lord support us in our sorrows and Distresses!  And prepare each of us for His Sovereign Will!  Mrs. Wood (the Deacon tells me) dyed somewhat Suddenly, of a Mortification in her Arm, which arose from the Scratch of a Nail a few Days before: but the Mortification was not perceived till the Day before that on which she expired.