November 20, 1772

1772 November 20 (Friday).  Suse has had fine rest last night: the best night she has had Since her sickness.  We were greatly encouraged to undertake our Journey home.  We rose early, and Sat out before Sun rise.  Arrived at Taunton a little after noon.  Congratulated Squire Luscombe on the Birth of a son yesterday, and his wife wondrously Comfortable: but we dined at Mr. Barnums.  P.M. pursued our Design for Wrentham, and, Oating at one Fairbanks’s, in Norton, arrived at Mrs. Simson’s in the Evening.  Her son Messenger and I made a visit at Mr. Beans, but returned and lodged at Mr. Messengers.  N.B. Mrs. Simpsons constant Custom to read the Bible out in a Year, or in less time than that.