November 25, 1772

1772 November 25 (Wednesday).  Mr. Lorings Diary No. 4.  What Strong Motives to imitation of So excellent Example, arise from hence!  But it fills me with shame and Grief for my own unprofitableness.  Lt. Baker has been bountiful — in fatting a Cow and bringing her back from his Pasture — in allowing me the use of his Cyder Mill etc. in making [6?] Barrells of Cyder, gratis — with other kindnesses — for which may God reward him!  especially in Spirituals — but I am much grieved that my whole drove of Cattle (16) have lain a great deal, when they were turned out a Days, on his Clover etc. to his great Hurt.  May God forgive the wrong and Ingratitude in this!  I admire his Patience and Meekness, in freely overlooking it.  Read Burroughs on Hos. 5.6