February 20, 1772

1772 February 20 (Thursday).  A Messenger for me to go to Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlain, whose Tongue is greatly Swelled So that he can very hardly Speak or Swallow.  I hastened down to him.  Find every one in great Distress.  Dr. Flynt there, who Says it is Rana Sub Lingua.  Dr. Parker came also.  We prayed and then Dr. F. blooded him under the Tongue, and it gave Some Relief.  However, his Case is still judged to be hazzardous.  Dined there.  Dr. Flynt accompanyed me as far as Mr. Ithamar Bellows where I visited.  Also I Stopped to See Lt. Bruce and his Wife, who are aged and infirm.  Prayed with them.  N.B. I delivered to Mr. Artemas Bruce’s wife the Petition signed by her, and delivered hastily to my Wife to be handed to me, two or three years Since; about alienating Deacon Tainters Legacy. When I came home here were Messrs. Silas Bailey and James Goddard of Bolton, desiring a Copy of what the Association voted at their Meeting last Fall concerning the Conduct of a Number of the Brethren of Bolton Church in  Dismissing and Excommunicating their Pastor.  I read to them what we did — but was not ready to give them a Copy of it.