February 19, 1772

1772 February 19 (Wednesday).  My Wife and I, accommodated with Neighbour Newtons Horse in my Sleigh, rode over to Northborough.  Called to see Mrs. Martyn.  N.B. her son John Consuming.  We went thence to the House of Mourning.  Mrs. Whitney has been so wrought on that She has had Histeric affections.  We are obliged to converse with great Caution.  Mr. Smith and Mr. Barns from Marlborough there.  Dine together.  P.M. Mr. Morse and his wife came.  According to Mr. Whitneys Request I prayed at the Funerall.  A Sore Bereavement.  The Child was between 9 and 10 Months old.  May the Lord teach them His holy Will, and enable them to conform to it.  We returned home in the Eve — Calling at Mr. Ebenezer Maynards.