January 1, 1772

1772 January 1 (Wednesday).  I have Still more and more cause to bless God for His Long suffering towards me.  I am astonished at this unmerited Goodness!  May I have Grace to glorifie God as He justly expects from me!  Having obtained help from Him I continue to this Day.  It is matter of Grief and sorrow that I have done so little for the Honour of God and the Benefit of His People!  Master Taylor takes my Horse and rides to Rev. Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury to deliver him for Mr. Glazier, of whom I bought my Horse, 95£ old Tenor.  At night he returns and tells me he has done so.  Dr. Crosby made me a Visit.  At Eve I married Nathan Fay to Persis Harrington.  Two foolish, unhappy young Creatures who have fallen into Transgression.  She is in but her 15th year.  I could not go through the Service without Pain and Distress.  The Lord grant them true Repentance and the Restraints of His Grace to the rest of our young people!  And O that my own sins might be blotted out!

January 5, 1772

1772 January 5 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Act. 26.22.  Deacon Burnet dined here and gave me a Letter from Hopkinton Church, but by reason of very few Members of the Church being at Meeting I did not read it.  Mrs. Hannah Rice dined here also.  P.M. preached again on Joh. 3.7, repeating on the Same subject as last sabbath, from p. 48 to 53, and broke off because of the Cold.

January 13, 1772

1772 January 13 (Monday).  Was at Mr. Beetons.  I dined at Capt. Maynards.  John Arnold paid me money for my pork which he lately carryed to Marblehead.  Weighed there 14 Score and 16 lb.  He paid me 30£ 17 s. and 8 d.  He had 2/4 per pound and took 3 d. per pound for Carriage, for his Brother.  I returned 4 Dollars in part for a Steer coming 4 Years, which I have traded with Mr. Arnold for.  Mr. Francis Whipple also paid 38£ 6/ in full for oxen he bought of me and took his Note which he gave me in Sept. last, for them.

January 14, 1772

1772 January 14 (Tuesday).  P.M. rode over to Hopkinton.  In my way there visit Mrs. Hardy and pray with her.  Visit also a Stranger who lies Sick at William Pierce’s junior.  His name is George Pinkerton, a sailor.  Prayed with him.  Went to see Mr. Fitch that I might be better acquainted with him.  He read one of his sermons  to me.  Lodged at Mr. Barretts.

January 15, 1772

1772 January 15 (Wednesday).  Break fast at Capt. Joseph Mellens, where the Council met.  Received a Letter from Rev. Mr. Mosely of Canada.  Being chose Moderator I prayed in the Council.  Mr. Prentice of Holliston Scribe.  We passed two votes relative to Mr. Fitch’s Baptism, and that we were ready to proceed to his Ordination.  Mr. Fish began with Prayer, Mr. Leonard preached on Act. 16.17.  Mr. Frost prayed before the Charge; This I delivered; Mr. Bridge of Framingham prayed after; Mr. Webb gave the Right Hand, and Mr. Fitch appointed Ps. 118, latter part, to be Sung.  We returned to Capt. Mellens, where we supped and lodged.  N.B. Capt. Howard of Canada gave me some Account of Mercy Maynard, who lives, and has done for some years, at his House.  Subscription goes on for printing Mr. Leonards Sermon.

January 16, 1772

1772 January 16 (Thursday).  After breakfast, in returning home, a Number of us called at Brother Barretts, and seriously Saluted and took leave of him.  N.B. I paid Mr. John Chamberlain Four Guineas.  Mr. Stone of Douglass accompanys me home, and though late we dine here.  Breck and Sophy who went to ordination in a double Sleigh, with Elijah and other Brighams, returned — but Breck had by a Fall on the Ice, a grievous shock, especially on his shoulder.

January 30, 1772

1772 January 30 (Thursday).  Unhappily the Chain of my Watch was broke last night.  Though it was rough weather I went to see old Mrs. Beeman at Mr. Jonathan Bruce’s.  Dined there.  Prayed with them.  N.B. Mr. Bruce Speaks of Mr. Jonathan Cook and that he had been dismissed from their Church.  I answered that I knew not that ever I received or ever saw, any.  Called to see old Mrs. Sarah Forbush.