August 31, 1771

1771 August 31 (Saturday).  I Saw another place in Mrs. Rice’s Confession which very much needed Alteration — and I recollected that she was much concerned about my Praying for her, which I thought did not well comport with the Frame of a Penitent.  Therefore I rode over to her, in the Morning to Mrs. Kendals, to discourse further with her.  She was willing to have the alteration made which I proposed to her: but when I spoke to her of her anxiousness concerning my Prayers, and told her it was necessary that the prayer Should be to the Purpose, She answered She must pray me to wave the Affair till I hear from her again.  With this we parted.  My ague and Tooth-ake so much disrested me that p.m. I went to Dr. Hawes, and got a principally Troublesome Tooth pulled out.  Joseph went home at Evening.