July 3, 1771

1771 July [3] (Wednesday).  [Torn]ily expected Mrs. Cushing and Mrs. Sumner from [torn]bury, and prepared for them and Mr. Sumner, with them [torn]ing agreed and appointed to come, but came not.  Read the world displayed Vol. XI.  Jonathan Willard came from the Rev. Mr. Whitney, desiring to change next sabbath.

July 9, 1771

1771 July 9 (Tuesday).  A Mr. Wheelock I hear, buys the Woodland back of my [Barn?] of old Lt. Forbush for 100£ old Tenor.  Mrs. P________ goes to Capt. Maynards.  Sisters Cushing and Sumner visit here.  They Soon return as far as Capt. Maynards.  Mr. Nurse assists Mr. Jonas Bradish in Removing to [blank].  A Number of Gentlemen are prizing the younger Widow Williams Place.  Attended the Funeral of Mrs. Snow (wife of Ensign Jabez), aged 56 last [blank].  I rode with Deacon Wood.  N.B. He Speaks to me about Mrs. Eunice Rice.  At Night Levi Brigham junior and Tabitha Hardy were marryed.

July 10, 1771

1771 July 10 (Wednesday).  Extremely put to’t for want of an Horse to plow amo[torn] the Corn.  Was oblidged to Send to Ensign Snows for [torn].  N.B. I this morning spoke to Lt. Forbes [torn] his Wood Lot nigh me to Mr. Wheelock [torn] Since he had offered it to me, and I had not refused.  Mr. Morse lent me his Horse to go to Upton, where [torn] a Lecture on Joh. 1.11.  Which may God be pleased to bless to [torn].  Mr. Willard of Mendon was there, and prayed.  After serm[torn] I returned at Eve in Safety.  Thanks be to God!

July 11, 1771

1771 July 11 (Thursday).  Called at Lt. Forbush’s to Speak with him again about his Wood lot joining to me: but found that though no Deed was Signed to Mr. Wheelock, yet he had given his Word.  Mr. Samuel Forbush offers me his Lot, which lyes near me, but he asks 350£ old Tenor for it.  Mr. Taylor is returned from Brookfield.  Mr. Crosby from Brookfield also, calls here.  Mr. Forbes in great Trouble.  N.B. Am informed that the Thunder yesterday killed [torn] man in Hopkinton.  One Daniel Parmintor, ab[torn] old: Son of Mr. Elias Parmintor.  [Torn] in the most High in his operations!  May we learn to [torn] His great and dreadful Name, for it is holy!

July 12, 1771

1771 July 12 (Friday).  Mr. Wheelock came and asked me to Shew him Mr. For[torn] Bounds of the Hill north of me.  I reasoned with him [torn] the unneighbourliness of his interposing, at least [torn]ing on to buy out of my Hands what lyes so peculiarly handy to me, at the very Time whilst I was reasonably expecting that I Should proceed in it: and to [illegible] as I remember did not refuse the Offer which the Lieutenant made me of it.  But Wheelock was in a [Toss?] presently, and went off without going to see the Bounds.  N.B. Benjamin How came and mended the Back of one Chimney, and repaired the Hearths of both [illegible] in most Common use.  Miss Judith Stone and Miss Sarah Smith visited and dined with us.

July 13, 1771

1771 July 13 (Saturday).  Lt. Baker here in the Morning with a Letter from Mr. Zebu [torn] Rice of Brookfield containing an Account of the present Trou[torn] and Perplexities there.  Lieutenant wants another Note or Order to the Constable Gleason for the rest of my Debt to h[torn].


[July 14 – August 11 missing.]