August 20, 1771

1771 August 20 (Tuesday).  Anna went home — paid her 53/ old Tenor for her labor.  Cousen Maynard her self came and helped me — to my great Comfort.  About 10 o’Clock came Father Loring and Brother Stone.  Afterwards Messrs. Goss, Whitney, and [blank] More — a Candidate.  P.M. at the Desire of the Ministers I drew up a paper, manifesting our dissatisfaction with the Conduct of the Brethren and People of Bolton.  I was employed about this, while the Ministers examined Mr. More.  Not hearing him I did not sign the approbation.  At Eve, to my Joy, came Mr. Cushing with his Mother.  They relate that my dear Daughter Sarah went through a tedious Travail last Friday and Night following and through the Great Goodness of God was delivered of a Son, on the 17th about 4 in the Morning.  To Gods name be Glory and Praise.  Ps. 30.5 weeping may endure — but etc. Job. 16.21.  Mr. Green has [torn] 4 Volumes more of the World displayed, viz. 13, 14, 1[torn].