December 18, 1770

1770 December 18 (Tuesday).  Capt. Jonas Brigham and his wife called here.  Sent to Samuel by Lt. Baker.  P.M. The Church met on 1. Levi Warrins Case.  He gave two papers, one was signed by himself and wife: the other was a Certificate from Dr. Ball.  N.B. Nine out of 28, vote that we proceed to their Admission.  They were Mr. Daniel Hardy, David Maynard, Capt. Benjamin Fay, Capt. Jonas Brigham, B. Taynter, Seth Morse, Thomas Twitchell, D. Adams, and Mr. A. Gale.  2. the Church were asked whether they would establish the old Psalm Book, or choose some other Version?  3. Choose a second Chorister.  4. Watch over Delinquents — reference to Jonas Bradish’s Case.  In the Eve Dr. Hawes and Wife here.  Sophy returned from Upton.  Mr. B. Brigham not returned.