December 6, 1770

1770 December 6 (Thursday).  Public Thanksgiving.  Preached on Zech. 14.6.7.  N.B. Mr. Daniel Forbes was here before Meeting to acquaint me that a Number of Brethren were at his House last night upon L. Warrins Affair and could not come here with a written Request, but desired that the Church might be stopped and Opportunity given to confer upon this Matter: for, with them that were at his House, who were 9, there were many more (about 11 more were reckoned) who were too uneasy to vote for their Admission.  Accordingly the Church were detained and Voted that their Admission be deferred for a short Space, that those who were unacquainted with the Case, may inform them Selves better, that the uneasy may discourse with the persons, and that if the Church must come together there may be proper preparation for it.  In the Evening Ebenezer Maynard was marryed to Hannah Roberts.  N.B. Breck was with us to day.  He came over from Upton in the Morning.