December 2, 1770

1770 December 2 (Sunday).  Omitted Reading a. and p.m.  Preached a.m. on Luk. 11.4.  “Lord teach us to pray.”  P.M. on Isa. 50.10.  Young Mr. Barrett here.  Tells me his Father is somewhat better.  He dines here; as does Deacon Walkers son and his Kinsman Jonathan Burnap junior of Windham.  At Even in the Family read Dr. Owen of Spiritual mindedness.

December 6, 1770

1770 December 6 (Thursday).  Public Thanksgiving.  Preached on Zech. 14.6.7.  N.B. Mr. Daniel Forbes was here before Meeting to acquaint me that a Number of Brethren were at his House last night upon L. Warrins Affair and could not come here with a written Request, but desired that the Church might be stopped and Opportunity given to confer upon this Matter: for, with them that were at his House, who were 9, there were many more (about 11 more were reckoned) who were too uneasy to vote for their Admission.  Accordingly the Church were detained and Voted that their Admission be deferred for a short Space, that those who were unacquainted with the Case, may inform them Selves better, that the uneasy may discourse with the persons, and that if the Church must come together there may be proper preparation for it.  In the Evening Ebenezer Maynard was marryed to Hannah Roberts.  N.B. Breck was with us to day.  He came over from Upton in the Morning.

December 7, 1770

1770 December 7 (Friday).  Alexander and Breck rose before Day — and returned to their respective Business.  Breck has been So closely engaged in his Work, that he has worked (he says) 40 hours together without breaking off, except to Eat only.  John and Sophy went to Shrewsbury: to Mr. Cushings and to Mr. Sumners.  Mr. Seth Morse came to speak with me upon what the Church did yesterday, on his Brother Warrins Case.  William came from Concord — brought my Heiffer, and some onions.

December 11, 1770

1770 December 11 (Tuesday).  Elias returned from Brookfield.  Mr. Hutchinson and Mr. Nat. Prentice call here as they go to Boston.  I visit old Mrs. Hardy and her Daughter Adams and pray with them.  Visit Mr. Levi Warrins Wife, and make Opportunity to talk with her alone.  She talks in much the Same strain that her Husband does.  Says She knows and can bring Suitable proof that She was not with Child a month before She was marryed — and if She must say whether She was innocent, She would have every body else examined as well as them: etc. etc.  Mrs. Maynard makes us a Visit, and stays till night.  My Wife and She visited Deacon Woods Wife.

December 13, 1770

1770 December 13 (Thursday).  This is the Day of (I suppose) the Execution of [blank] Shaw at Springfield.  P.M. Deacon Cheney of Ashburnham here with Letter from Sarah.  He is in Spiritual Trouble and Darkness and desires to be alone with me.  At Eve Deacon Samuel Baker of Bolton here, and discourses of their Divisions and Contentions with Mr. Goss.  I perceive that he is himself under Uneasiness with him.

December 17, 1770

1770 December 17 (Monday).  Mr. Zephaniah Briggs going to preach at Great Barrington, calls and dines here.  Tells me Mr. Bradshaw did not come because his Grandfather was not well — feared numb Palsie.  He has Sent me from my Son Samuel a Gown of Plad and chocolate coloured Calamanco.  Mr. Abijah Gale here upon the Warrin Case: he seems to be for his enjoying Privilege.  Isaac Parker asks me to write his Confession.

December 18, 1770

1770 December 18 (Tuesday).  Capt. Jonas Brigham and his wife called here.  Sent to Samuel by Lt. Baker.  P.M. The Church met on 1. Levi Warrins Case.  He gave two papers, one was signed by himself and wife: the other was a Certificate from Dr. Ball.  N.B. Nine out of 28, vote that we proceed to their Admission.  They were Mr. Daniel Hardy, David Maynard, Capt. Benjamin Fay, Capt. Jonas Brigham, B. Taynter, Seth Morse, Thomas Twitchell, D. Adams, and Mr. A. Gale.  2. the Church were asked whether they would establish the old Psalm Book, or choose some other Version?  3. Choose a second Chorister.  4. Watch over Delinquents — reference to Jonas Bradish’s Case.  In the Eve Dr. Hawes and Wife here.  Sophy returned from Upton.  Mr. B. Brigham not returned.

December 19, 1770

1770 December 19 (Wednesday).  Rode to Mr. Ithamar Bellows to See him and his Wife in their Lameness and Confinement.  Find her very bad with her Leg.  Doctors Wilson and Hawes there.  We all dined there.  Thence I went to old Mr. Chamberlins, and officiated in the Solemnity of marrying his Daughter Lydia to Mr. William Brigham of Southborough, after which was an handsome Entertainment.  In returning home I was by their Desire at Mr. Bellows again and prayed with them.

December 20, 1770

1770 December 20 (Thursday).  Sold my little Flock of 12 sheep and Lambs to Mr. Barnabas Newton for 28£ old Tenor and he sent for them and had them accordingly.  Visit a New Family who are come to live in Deacon Woods House, viz. Mr. William Spring, his Wife and Child.  Mr. Spring not at home.  Mr. Peter Coffin of Gloucester from Brookfield here, but goes on his Journey to Framingham.  Mr. Seth Morse here at Evening to talk about his Brother Warrin — and of a Paper which he says Deacon Bond has got ready for subscriptions of those that desire to have another version of Psalms.  N.B. I direct him to wait upon Lt. Forbush.

December 24, 1770

1770 December 24 (Monday).  The following Teams brought Wood — viz. Capt. Jonas Brigham, two Loads from his own Land.  Mr. Timothy Warrin and Mr. [G.?] Andrews two Load apiece, from Capt. Ephraim Brighams Land and from thence also Mr. Tainter, Samuel Forb., Ebenezer Forbes, Seth Morse, Thomas Bond, each of them three Load.  And there were 13 Cutters, viz. Mr. Batherick, Lt. Baker, Mr. T. Frost, Joseph Harrington, Eli Whitney, Moses Sever and Samuel Sever, Phinehas Forbes, Joseph McCulloch, Samuel Lamb, Benjamin Tainter junior, and Benjamin Whitney, and William Low.

December 25, 1770

1770 December 25 (Tuesday).  Elisha Forbes brings a Quarter of Beef.  Weighed 86.  [Marginal notation: This Beef came on the 26.]  P.M. I rode to Southborough.  Paid Capt. Ward £8.19.6 old Tenor in full.  Mr. Stone and his wife were gone to Marlborough.  I followed them there, to their son Rice’s.  N.B. I had never seen them since the marriage till now.  Mr. Luke Drury was my Company from Southborough.  They are preparing for a new session of Grafton-Council.  In returning I called to see Mr. William Brighams new Wife, and Mr. Andrews Children, ill of the Canker.  May God be praised for my Preservation when my Horse threw me down.

December 26, 1770

1770 December 26 (Wednesday).  Mr. Warrin came to desire me to preach at his House.  P.M. Visit Mrs. Sever, Mr[s.?] Biglow, and Mrs. Hardy, whose Daughter Adams is still extremely low.  I prayed at each of the last Houses.  At Eve Master Taylor visits me.  Mr. Joseph Grout supplys me with a side of Beef, at 15d per pound.  Weight 192 lb.  Sold 3 Geese at 15/ apiece to Deacon Wood.

December 27, 1770

1770 December 27 (Thursday).  Deacon Wood going to Boston I wrote by him to my son Samuel.  Lent the Deacon 5 Dollars.  Read Mr. Maccartys very Serious and pertinent Discourse previous to the Execution of poor William Linsey.  May it be blessed to my own Awakening and Quickening!  At Eve Mr. Thaddeus Warrin came and cut out and Salted up 3 Quarters of Beef.

December 30, 1770

1770 December 30 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Act. 4.12.  Was obliged to write more than for one Exercise, but, with my reading on the Subject, could not prepare for another — and it being at the Conclusion of the Year, I chose something that might be seasonable and pathetic, therefore delivered what I could of the Two Discourses on Ps. 39.6, first part, but was obliged to [pretermit?] some paragraphs, here and there, as I now and then supplyed Some passages unavoidably, extempore.  I would humbly beseech God to give Success!  And especially to make suitable application my Self.  At Eve read in the Family Dr. Owen of Spiritual mindedness, which I find is very instructing and awakening.

December 31, 1770

1770 December 31 (Monday).  Mr. Benjamin Brigham returns from Douglass; he has received a Call there, and a subscription to add to his Settlement.  He seems greatly perplexed, by reason of their Importunity, he having received a Call from Monadnock No. 4, where he seems most inclined to go.  At Eve came Mr. John Harvey of Southborough and lodges here.  He is full of Chymistry, Mines and Minerals; Separations of Metals, and appears very much of an Adept.  But I desire to close the Year with Serious Reflections!  Humbling my Self for my Negligence and unprofitableness; imploring Forgiveness through the Mediation of Jesus Christ!  And O that I might be ready for the closing up of my Life it Self.  The Awful Day approching, may I be always in readiness for it!