November 7, 1770

1770 November 7 (Wednesday).  Our Company go on their Journey to Brookfield.  Mr. Biglow repairs the Garden Wall by the lower Well, and dines here.  P.M. had a Catechetical Exercise on Questions [98.9?] and 100, containing some Sketches and Hints concerning Prayer and of the Lords Prayer, but the Girls began at Question 100.  There were 21.  But Sophy was confined by her illness.  Dr. Hawes came in to see her.  Says she has some Canker.  The Doctor brought me from Mr. Thomas Adams of Medfield, Court Miscellanys in which an Account of Mrs. Macaulay, Lord Bolingbroke etc.  N.B. Mr. Seth Morse brought a side of Beef, weighed 117 lb., each Quarter at 3 Coppers per pound.