November 1, 1770

1770 November 1 (Thursday).  Catechized at the Meeting house.  49 Boys a.m. and 26 Girls p.m.  Mr. Zechariah Hicks from Boston returning home.  At night having received the repeated Invitations to go to Supper at Mr. Nurse’s, after their Husking, which they began in the afternoon, but especialy to gratifie Mrs. Nurse in her urgent Requests, I went over.  I went not to the Barn — but we could not rise from Supper till about 10.  This sort of Entertainment I have not usually gone to.  I don’t know when I have ever been at one Since I was ordained.  I was not willing to grieve my Neighbour or I would not have gone now.  But since it was So late when we left the Table, I would not so much as sit down again, but hastened home; exhorting all others to do so.