November 18, 1769

1769 November 18 (Saturday).  We have the Sorrowfull News of the Death of the Rev. Mr. Silas Biglow, pastor of the Church in Paxton, of about 29 years.  Was just going to be marryed to Miss Sarah Hall of Sutton.  A most heavy Stroke!  The Lord Sanctifie it!  And repair the Breach!  Went to Deacon Woods to try to hire some money, but could not.  Mrs. Wood Shaved me.  P.M. Rode to Southborough — to Capt. Wards.  Bought of him 2 1/2 yards Half Thick, for Pillion Cloth and 2 1/2 Tow Cloth, half a piece of Quality — and a felt Hat for Elias.  Mr. Stone to Westborough.  I lodged at Mr. Stones.