October 1, 1769

1769 October 1 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 4.  Mr. Forbes preached a.m. on Joh. 6.29.  Besides our own Family and Company (who were 14) at Dinner we had Mr. Joseph King of Suffield and his Wife, who was Mrs. Trypheena Bowker.  P.M. I read 2 Cor. 3.  Mr. Forbes preached on Joh. 6.44.  And may God grant His Blessing to accompany these useful Discourses!

October 2, 1769

1769 October 2 (Monday).  Ebenezer (with Miss Lucy Bond) returns to Brookfield.  N.B. I sent by him a Letter to Mr. John Eliot (Squire’s Son) in Answer to his by Mr. Forbes to me, and informing him that I can’t Comply with his Request to come and live with me, to Study Divinity here.  Mr. Cushing goes to Southborough, Mr. Forbes to his Brothers, Mrs. Forbes and Mrs. Cotton to Mrs. Townsend the Taylor.  They dine at Deacon Woods.  Mr. John Potter of Brookfield here to See the Laboratory.  Towards Eve came Sister Cushing and lodged here.  Mr. Forbes and his Wife begin their Journey to Rochester by going as far as to Mr. Stones, at Southborough.

October 4, 1769

1769 October 4 (Wednesday).  I complyed with Mr. Cotton’s Desire to go to Mr. Daniel Adams’s and waited upon him there.  Afterwards visit at Mr. Tainters.  It is affecting To See how impaired and Superannuated old Mrs. Tainter is become.  Called at Mr. Morse’s.  P.M. Came Mrs. Green (heretofore Miss Patty Clark)[1] and her Husbands sister, Miss Abigail Green, to carry Mrs. Cotton to Deacon Burnaps.  N.B. They passed by her at Mr. Adams’s without knowing it.  After Tea they Return.

[1]Martha Clark mar. Dr. Peter Green (int. May 28, 1769; mar. July 27 C.R.), Hopkinton VR, 249.

October 5, 1769

1769 October 5 (Thursday).  Lt. Baker and Neighbour Newton plow in my further Field.  My Sons assist, with my Oxen.  Jonathan Tainter brought with their Team, a Barrell of Cyder and a Bag of Apples to cut and dry.  P.M. rode to Capt. Maynards and made some settlement with him, but received no money.  Lady Barnard and her Retinue dined there.  When I returned home found here Capt. Peter Coffin of Gloucester, and his son Peter, on their Way to Brookfield, and lodged here.  Had a Quarter of Beef of Mr. Seth Morse, wt. 120 at 3 Coppers.  Received Letters from Mr. Moore of Sept. 22 and 30, of Suse’s sore Breast, which broke on the 20th and 29th ult.

October 6, 1769

1769 October 6 (Friday).  Capt. Coffin and Son go on their Journey.  Mr. John Potter here and received the Laboratory or school of Arts.  For which he gives me 23/ old Tenor more (and Offers me 30/) rather than accept of my Offer to return his Dollar: but at the Same time I told him I demanded Nothing of him.  Lt. Bakers Young Man and Team, with mine, are plowing as Yester Day and finish it.

October 8, 1769

1769 October 8 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 5 and preached upon it, assisted by my Preparations on v. 5, which in great part delivered some years ago.  Began at p. 2 and used some of the additions which I made thereto since.  I also, in the Application, read the chief of Mr. Bowmans Letter which I received yesterday.  Master Harrington dined with me.  P.M. Read 2 Cor. 4 and preached on 3 first v.

October 10, 1769

1769 October 10 (Tuesday).  Capt. Coffin and son leave us to go to Cambridge.  I rode into the south to visit, dined at Deacon Bonds.  Visit old Mrs. Woods at Mrs. Kendals.  At Mr. Martyn Pratts, Mr. John Balls, Mr. Ebenezer Bucks, Mr. Dunlops, Isaac Adams’s (where came Mr. Partridge, Mrs. Adams’s Father).  At Mr. Constantine Hardys and Mr. Bowmans.  But was into Evening before I got home.

October 11, 1769

1769 October 11 (Wednesday).  Mr. Pain returns from Boston, and proceeds for Home.  Visit old Mr. Williams, who had last night some sort of Fitt.  He is to day very low.  Prayed with him, and a Number of Strangers that were in the House, attended.  Was at Mr. Edwards Whipple’s and at the Squires.  Proceed to Capt. Jonathan Fays to See old Mrs. Phillips, who was there.  Call at Mr. Jonathan Grouts.  When I came home, found my son and Daughter Forbes returned from Rochester; and they Inform that Suse is better, her Breast being in a Measure Comfortable Again.

October 12, 1769

1769 October 12 (Thursday).  Mr. Forbes and his Wife set out for Brookfield.  Dr. Curtis from Marlborough visits and dines with us.  He goes to Capt. Maynards where are Miss Betty Eager, and Miss Betty Brigham; who were here also Yesterday; and Mrs. Maynard with them.  N.B. Sent John to Lt. Baker’s with the Mare which I had of him more than a Twelve-Month agoe, as I could not with all my trying, make her do for my and my Family’s use; and Lt. had told me again and again that he would take her if I returned her.  This therefore I have now done.

October 17, 1769

1769 October 17 (Tuesday).  Mr. Whitney of Northborough came in when I was getting ready to go to Ministers Meeting at Hopkinton.  He knew not of it, and was Preparing to go to Lunenburg.  I rode to Hopkinton and dined there, but no other Minister came.  P.M. Mr. Barrett Sent an Express to Mr. Stone, but he was gone to Hardwick.  Probably the unusual cold, Windy, rough Weather might hinder the aged and infirm, but what may be the reason of the Delinquency of Others, I can’t conjecture.

October 18, 1769

1769 October 18 (Wednesday).  I lodged there.  Mr. Barrett had several turns of Bleeding last night, and is faint and dizzy, this Morning but grew better afterwards and went to the Lecture.  There was no body to preach but I.  And therefore though I preached the last meeting, I was obliged to again.  Text was Heb. XII.25.  Dined at Mr. Barretts.  Borrow of him Dr. Mathers Magnalia.  As I was returning Lt. John Wood besought me to go in to see his Wife, under her sorrowful Deafness, and at his earnest Request I prayed there.  When I came home Ezra Ripley was come for my grand-Daughter Polly Forbes.  He lodges here.

October 19, 1769

1769 October 19 (Thursday).  Ezra had come with two Horses.  One of them was a Young Horse of one Mr. Haskels, recommending him to me.  But they both got out of my Inclosure and we feared they were gone home.  John got an Horse at Mr. Nurse’s and pursued to Shrewsbury.  In the mean time Deacon Bond had taken ‘em up Nigh his House, and came with them.  I viewed and rode the Said young Horse; also I took Such Advice as I could; and concluded to have him, though it is a Venture, at so little Acquaintance with him: but I can’t well do otherwise since he is So strongly recommended by Mr. Forbes, who has writ to me about him.  The Terms are £100 old Tenor to be Paid in two months.  Before I consented, I rode to Lt. Baker and consulted him, both about the Horse and about the Pay.  Ezra assures me the Age is 3 Years only, last July.  And the Letter says he is warranted Sound.  Ezra and Polly leave us.  P.M. Preached to the Young Men from Prov. 14.7, to page 8, to a thin meeting both of the Society and of other People.  But may God bless the Exercise to Such of us as could attend!  My son John seems to be much indisposed, but went to Meeting.  He has greatly exerted himself in our Harvest-Work.

October 21, 1769

1769 October 21 (Saturday).  Having no body but John and my little Elias to do the Harvest-Business, I was obliged to assist, what I could in it.  At Eve Mr. Cushing came, with my Daughter, and his Mother, from their long Journey, to Yarmouth; which has been prosperous, through the Goodness of God.  To him be all Glory.  They came, by Boston, and bought many Necessarys for their Housekeeping.  N.B. Sarah received the 20th Day, of Capt. Maynard £110 old Tenor.  Have by them a Letter from Samuel whose Circumstances are now precarious, but I would cast my Cares about him upon a gracious covenant God.

October 23, 1769

1769 October 23 (Monday).  A.M. Mrs. P______ and I went to see Ruth Bellows, who lies sick of a Fever at Mr. Hannaniah Parkers.  I prayed there.  We then visited Lt. Forbush’s Wife, who is ill; and prayed likewise.  P.M. Our Sister Cushing having dined with us, left us.  Our son and Daughter Cushing go with her.  I went up to Deacon Woods upon a Variety of Small Affairs, and to See Mr. Johns Wife, who has newly lain in, in her Husbands Absence.  At Eve he returns from Colrain, with a drove of Cattle and a Flock of Sheep.  N.B. A great Squirrell Hunting in this Town and Neighbourhood.  Killed 1884.

October 24, 1769

1769 October 24 (Tuesday).  Mr. Hall of Sutton, in his Journey to Boston, calls here.  Wrote by him to Samuel.  Dr. Simson Jones of Hopkinton dine here.  At Evening Ebenezer Tertius came; He rode the Horse which Mr. Forbes has got for me of Mr. Haskell of Brookfield; and brought Letters from Rochester informing that Susa is much better.  Mr. Hovey is dismissed, and Mr. Seth Haskill at the Point to die.  Mr. Cushing and my Daughter return from Shrewsbury.  Mrs. P______ much afflicted with stomach Ach.  Ruth Bellows, we are told, is very ill.

October 26, 1769

1769 October 26 (Thursday).  My grand son leaves us, to go to Cambridge, to live with Mr. Thomas Barrett, to be a Sadler.  Was obliged to go to Lt. Baker to Stir him up to bring Wood, and to provide Money to pay for my new Horse.  Visit Mr. Levi Warrins Wife, and pray there: din’d also with them.  Mr. Moses Nurse having brought yesterday a Pair of Pigs of the great Sort, from Col. Buckminster, to day Deacon Wood comes and has the Boar.  The price of the Pair is 50/ old Tenor.  My Daughter Cushing goes to See Ruth, and to watch with her.  Mr. Moses Twitchel came in to see us.

October 27, 1769

1769 October 27 (Friday).  Ruth has had a more comfortable Night, and there are more hopes.  Messrs. Joshua and Benjamin Hicks called here in their Way from Boston; and din’d here likewise.  Rev. Mr. Hall of Sutton with Letter from Samuel.  At Eve came my Kinsman Bradshaw going to Brookfield to keep School there.  He confirms the Account of the Death of Lowder [the?] Post, on the 24th, by a wheel going over him.

October 29, 1769

1769 October 29 (Sunday).  Mrs. Rice (Relict of Rev. Mr. Caleb Rice of Sturbridge) from Taunton, came this morning in her Chaise, to keep Sabbath with us.  Read Ezek. 7.  Preached on Tit. 1.1, “according to the Faith of Gods Elect.”  Improved the chief of Sermon IV. on Gal. 5.6, omitting in p. 26, 27, and otherwhere but adding as was useful and proper.  P.M. Read 2 Cor. 6.  Preached on 2 Cor. 4.4.  Mr. Samuel Hardy of Brookfield, Mrs. Rice aforesaid, Mrs. Fessenden and Mrs. Maynard dined with us.  Mrs. Rice lodged here.