November 8, 1769

1769 November 8 (Wednesday).  A Number of Women came to help Sarah in Quilting, Sewing, and Spinning.  They were (according to their Coming) Miss Molly Whipple, Mrs. Hannah Forbes (Elisha’s Wife), Mrs. Tainter and Mrs. Hannah Miller, Mrs. Forbes (Mr. Daniels Wife) and Widow Kendal, Mr. Ezra Bakers Wife and Miss Lydia Chamberlain.  N.B. Mrs. Rebecca Warrin of Upton dined here.  P.M. Came Mrs. Eunice (of Joseph) Rice, to the Same Work.  Mr. Joseph Bowker of Symsbury here.  N.B. This Day I have been Ordained 44 Years.  May I have Grace to take better Notice, and O that I might escape the Doom of the Slothful and unprofitable Servant!