October 2, 1769

1769 October 2 (Monday).  Ebenezer (with Miss Lucy Bond) returns to Brookfield.  N.B. I sent by him a Letter to Mr. John Eliot (Squire’s Son) in Answer to his by Mr. Forbes to me, and informing him that I can’t Comply with his Request to come and live with me, to Study Divinity here.  Mr. Cushing goes to Southborough, Mr. Forbes to his Brothers, Mrs. Forbes and Mrs. Cotton to Mrs. Townsend the Taylor.  They dine at Deacon Woods.  Mr. John Potter of Brookfield here to See the Laboratory.  Towards Eve came Sister Cushing and lodged here.  Mr. Forbes and his Wife begin their Journey to Rochester by going as far as to Mr. Stones, at Southborough.