January 19, 1768

1768 January 19 (Tuesday).  Read Miller’s Essay on the Management of Bees; published in the year 1760.  A.M. Walked to Dr. Hawes’, where Mr. B. How is building a sleigh, to get him to rebuild mine.  P.M. attend to the Eclipse, but it was too cloudy at times for accurate Observations.  Especially at the latter End.  Mr. Forbes returns from Boston.  His Account for his Mohawk Children allow’d in the General Court — but has not got his Money.  Bought of him 12 yards of Shirting, which he bought at Vendue, at 15/6 old Tenor and I paid him the Cash for it.  He informs me that young Mr. Checkley is lethargick, and is not like to continue.  May God be gracious to him, to his Family and Flock, and all concerned!  He also brought me a long, and agreeable Letter from my only Brother.  Made a Visit to old Mr. Williams who has been long confined.  Read Dr. Eliots Essays on Husbandry.  It contains many usefull [observations?] and Directions.  N.B. Capt. Jamison rode to Boston on the 14th [on an Horse?] of Lt. Bakers; and does not return.  The latter is gone after him, but neither does he return as expected.