February 1, 1768

1768 February 1 (Monday).  We repaired to Mr. Beemans — dined there.  Deacon Wood returned.  All the Council came together.  Went on p.m. to hearing the remaining Articles of Mr. Bush against Mr. Morse.  Some of the Council (by Desire) try again, to soften the dissatisfyed, and contending Partys to drop some of their Complaints, and for that End, we adjourned for a short space.  They have some success — but are obliged to return to our Arduous Task — adjourned — lodged as before.

February 2, 1768

1768 February 2 (Tuesday).  Continue in Hearing Mr. Bush against Mr. Morse; and finish the 3 Articles.  Then Mr. Morse against Mr. Bush — in 5 Articles.  Finished all the Hearing, about 4 o’Clock p.m. and then we proceeded to Read over our Minutes — a great Collection!  Many pages in Folio — I think more than 14.  We debate — and Vote.  Not all agreed in that important Article of the breaking the amicable Agreement last March the 26th.  Capt. Fuller and Mr. Putnam of Middleton dissent — to them is also joined Deacon Upham of Weston.  Lodged as above: but we could not get to Bed till midnight.

February 4, 1768

1768 February 4 (Thursday).  Ripen to Result.  Two Gentlemen forementioned Vote nothing after that which passed concerning Mr. B.’s breaking the agreement of March 26.  We compile the Result.  Read it at Evening to the Church and Partys, and a Vast Throng.  I prayed.  In Prayer Time there was a great Knocking.  The Beam which Support the Floor, cracked, and our Land-Lord was obliged to put up a stud to secure it.  Blessed be God for our Safety!  The Church voted Acceptance of our Result.  Mr. Morse also.  Mr. Bush did not.  Mr. Morse made his acknowledgment, and it was accepted by the Church.  Deacon Wood, when the Council adjourned without Day, left us in the Evening to go home if he could.  I lodged as I was wont.

February 5, 1768

1768 February 5 (Friday).  After Break fast we Parted.  Mr. Stone and I to Mr. Morse’s.  Made a Visit to old Mrs. Bush and her son — read the Result to them, but they would not consent.  Mr. Morse had signed a Confession, agreeable to the Result, and the like was drawn up for these Persons also; but they would not sign them.  Returned to Mr. Morse’s after Eating.  We rode to Northborough and visit Mrs. Martyn.  Thence home — and Blessed be God found my Tabernacle in Peace!  Breck here, from Ashby.  He came last night.  While I was gone to Shrewsbury dyed old Mrs. Rebecca Byles, who was within about a Month of 94 Years.  She expired January 28.

February 8, 1768

1768 February 8 (Monday).  [illegible] a storm — yet Mr. Sumner, and his wife and little son, and Mrs. Cushing with her son John and Daughter Bridget made us a Visit.  He (Mr. Whitney) and they dine with us.  P.M. he returned to Northborough and the rest to Southborough.  I made a visit to and pray with poor languishing Mr. Kendal, who though living, is very low.  Brother Forbes also weak and poorly.

February 9, 1768

1768 February 9 (Tuesday).  At Eve Mr. Edwards Whipple and Thomas Temple here; but from hence they go to the Artillery Company’s Exercise at Deacon Wood’s.  N.B. Mr. Zebulun Rice has been here and Shews me a Petition of Northborough Select men to the general Court, praying that they may be called a Town.  He tells me Capt. Jamison has been outed from Lt. Bakers; has lodged at Townsends and Hill’s, and had Dinners at his House — kept school a few Days for some Neighbours but now is not Employed.  Mr. Samuel Hardy junior, his wife, Children and goods, are removed from the (Whipple) school House, to go to the Work House — but it not being fit to receive them they are taken in at Lt. Bruce’s.  Sorrowful sight!

February 10, 1768

1768 February 10 (Wednesday).  Mr. Edwards Whipple has my Mare to Boston, to carry in a sleigh, with his own Horse, a Load of his Pork.  Mr. B. How comes to work to make me a sleigh.  Breck works with him.  My son and Daughter Baldwin came, dined with us.  He leaves her here and continues his Journey for Boston.  Through the Goodness of God, She is very well, for her; is even fatter than She used to be.

February 11, 1768

1768 February 11 (Thursday).  Mr. How, who lodged here last night, works again to Day.  Breck works with him some part of the Day, and they finish by night.  Mr. How charged 36/ old tenor for his work, and this I paid him by a note to Mr. B[ig?]low.  N.B. Mr. Biglow, late last night, left 17£ old Tenor.  I visited Mrs. Wheelock who is very weak and low after Lying in.  Payed 6£ old Tenor to Mr. Zebulun Rice for 20 lbs. Flax, at 6/ per belong to Jonathan Walker of No. 4.  Pay Thomas Arnold 6£ O.T. I borrowed of him.  Visit Mr. Kendal again and prayed there.  He I think hastening out of Time into Eternity.  Brother Forbes also low.

February 13, 1768

1768 February 13 (Saturday).  Young Jonathan Forbes informs that Mr. Kendal dyed last Evening about 8 o’Clock.  I was diligently employed in my Study — but the many avocations of this Week prevent my Progress.  At Eve came my son Baldwin and with him Alexander, who being nigh out of his Time embraces this Opportunity to come in the sleigh to see us.  We are very Short out for Hay.  Send my son B’s two Horses to Neighbour Arnold to keep; and he kept them for me.  Mr. B. brought Crimson Cloth from Boston, for a Riding Hood for Mrs. P________.

February 14, 1768

1768 February 14 (Sunday).  A great Pleasure to have Such a Number of my Children together here.  Laid aside the preparations I had made, and took sermon on Rom. 12.2 as being very Seasonable; and may God make them profitable!  After the Exercises I gave the Church a Summary Account of what the late Council at Shrewsbury but that the Result was long, and my present Indisposition of Body, did not well allow of the Reading of it: yet if any one wanted to See it, he might: or it might be read if there Should be a Church Meeting.

February 15, 1768

1768 February 15 (Monday).  My son and Daughter Baldwin, and Alexander with them, Set out for Brookfield.  My Wife rides with me to the Funeral of Mr. Joshua Kendal.  When we return Mr. P. Whitney and Mrs. Martyn here, and dine with us.  Mr. Moore came, brings sundry New Pieces.  Lt. Baker, with three Teams, brings 10 Load of Wood from the Ministerial Lot.  They come straight over through Mr. Hannaniah Parkers.  At Eve came Mr. Timothy Warrin to put some Questions to me about the Agreement between his F. Tainter and his Brother Benjamin.  Says it was null and void because it was writ of his F. as being of the County of Middlesex instead of Worcester — which appears to me mysterious.

February 17, 1768

1768 February 17 (Wednesday).  Mrs. P________ and I walk to Mr. Edwards Whipples, and dine there.  P.M. Mr. Whipple carrys us in his sleigh, with his Wife, a visiting to Mr. Temple’s, Mr. James Maynards — and Squire Whipples.  Return at Eve in our own sleigh.  Mr. Moore and my Daughters having come back from Shrewsbury before Dinner.  My Mare has the Distemper; swelling under the Jaw.

February 23, 1768

1768 February 23 (Tuesday).  Breck and John leave us to go to Ashby.  They carry Cart Boxes which I have at Capt. Maynards [marginal notation: weighed 31 lbs.]; and Hoops for the Hubbs, of a pair of wheels, which Billy is to make.  The Hoops were made by Mr. Townsend, weighed 14 lbs. at 2/ per pound for making: the Iron I had of Mr. Nurse at 2/ per pound.  A comforting Letter from my Brother, of the 13th.

February 25, 1768

1768 February 25 (Thursday).  Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlain here — pleasant and excusing himself etc. etc.  No Word of the troublesome Subject.  O might no root of that Bitterness remain, nor ever Spring again to Trouble us!  John returns, at Eve from Ashby; and well.  D.G.  They had Mr. Whipple’s Horse (besides my Mare) to ride over there — and return in safety, the Floods by the late Thaw, were swelled in Lancaster.